Book Review: Her Last Breath

By: Hanna Young

Her Last Breath, by famous mystery author Dan Padavona, gives just enough suspense in each chapter to keep the reader coming back for more. This story is set in the small village of Wolf Lake. This book’s continuous cliffhangers at the end of many chapters left the readers coming back for more.

Detective Thomas Shepherd comes back to his hometown of Wolf Lake and accepts a position as a deputy in the Wolf County Sheriff’s Department. He comes back to try and make things right with his family, he moves into his uncle’s old house on the lake. This is where he meets Naomi and her young daughter Scout, who also happens to be an online crime investigator, as he moves into the house next door to them. Not long after moving in there was a murder where his path crosses an old love interest. Detective Shepherd must change the Sheriff’s mind about who the killer really is because he does not believe that a teenager committed the crime. There are so many unknowns in this book with page after page of cliffhangers.

Scout being a crime enthusiast really seems to peak my attention and keep me wanting to read. This was one of my favorite parts of the book because the aspect of a child being able to help with a murder investigation is crazy to me. The rest of the book was really good as well. The relationship that Detective Shepherd builds with not only Naomi and Scout but with the other detectives and the connection that he makes again with people from his childhood is important and adds a personal aspect to the story.

Overall, I would give this book a 4/5. I really liked this book, and the suspense kept me coming back for more.

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