Meet Lisa Crumit-Hancock

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce to you Lisa Crumit-Hancock. She is the Assistant Dean of Student Success. She grew up in Ayersville, Ohio.  She has been at Defiance for 12 years. She is a graduate of Defiance College. During her time at Defiance College, she was the editor of the Defender and wrote many articles to contribute to the Defender. She had also taught part-time for seven years at Defiance College. Her favorite part about working at Defiance College is the students. Lisa went to Defiance College for her undergraduate degree in English and History. After undergrad, she attended Bowling Green State University for American Cultural Studies.

More personal questions were asked of Lisa during the interview. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite snack is skinny pop popcorn. Her favorite sport is basketball. When asked if she was a coffee drinker, she responded, “yes!”. Her favorite kind of coffee is Cafe Mocha. The last question asked Lisa was, “What career advice would you give other people?” Her response was, “Have plans, but always be open to opportunities that come your way even if they are not part of that plan.”

Lisa Crumit-Hancock can be located in Pilgrim Library 216. 

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