Yellow Jackets Sports Weekly Recap (Mar. 20 – Mar. 26)

By: Hanna Young

March 21st – Softball (4-11) Defiance College 7 vs (5-8) Heidelberg University 4

The Defiance College Softball team traveled to Frann’s Field at Heidelberg University for a two game series on Tuesday night. The Yellow Jackets started off the scoring in the Top of the 3rd inning when senior Josilyn Guzman tripled driving in sophomore Kelly Limbaugh for an RBI (1-0). Lily Linke followed this up with a centerfield double to score Guzman (2-0). Heidelberg battled back, taking the lead scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the third and fourth innings. First Murissa Drown tripled driving in Emma Dean in the third, this was then followed by a Jade Torres single that drove in both Hanna Blasinsky and Halie Monhollen (2-3). In the top of the fifth inning Defiance’s junior, Laney Grimwood homered over the left field fence not only scoring herself, but also junior Riley Alcorn and freshman Anna Emswiler for the go ahead runs (5-3). Heidelberg was not going to go down without a fight, however, in the bottom of the sixth Ellie Tressler hit a double, scoring Meghan Bame to make the score 5-4 in favor of Defiance. The top of the seventh inning had the Yellow Jackets extending their lead, Grimwood singled, scoring sophomore Anika Craft as well as sophomore Jessie Leggett (7-4). This game ended with a 7-4 score in favor of the Yellow Jackets. Defiance had several players recording hits including Ali Mowen, Marissa Roberts, Josilyn Guzman, Anna Emsweiler, and Anika Craft each recorded one. Laney Grimwood and Brooke Silcox each had two, while Lily Linke recorded three hits for the Yellow Jackets. Kelly Limbaugh recorded the lone steal for Defiance. Defensively, Junior Savannah McCoy threw 3.2 innings for Defiance, while Riley Alcorn added in another 3.1 innings. McCoy faced 19 batters and threw 78 pitches, 35 of those falling in the zone while Alcorn faced 13 batters and threw 37 pitches, 25 of those being strikes. The Yellow Jackets only recorded one error in this game.



March 21st – Softball (5-11) Defiance College 5 vs (5-9) Heidelberg University 3

In the second game on Frann’s Field the Yellow Jackets started off hot, scoring in the top of the first inning. Junior Brooke Silcox singled, scoring sophomore Anika Craft for the first score of the game (1-0). Senior Josilyn Guzman advanced to second on a bad throw, while Silcox moved to third and drew an obstruction call to score (2-0). Defiance struck again in the top of the third inning when senior Marissa Roberts doubled driving in Craft for another run (3-0). A fielding error by Heidelberg resulted in freshman Ali Mowen reaching first, as well as Guzman advancing to third and sophomore Kelly Limbaugh scoring (4-0). Heidelberg rallied in the bottom of the third inning when Meghan Bame singled, driving in Jade Torres and Isabella Fuentes (4-2). Heidelberg struck again in the bottom of the fourth when Jade Torres was walked with bases loaded forcing Gabbie Stallbaum to score (4-3). The Yellow Jackets closed out the scoring in the top of the fifth when Mowen hit an RBI single resulting in Silcox scoring (5-3). In the eight hits for the Yellow Jackets this game Marissa Roberts, Anika Craft, Ali Mowen, and Savannah Bergman all recorded one. The Yellow Jackets offense was led by Brooke Silcox and Josilyn Guzman who recorded two hits a piece. There were four stolen bases in this game Craft, Guzman, Mowen, and Limbaugh all threw one in. On the flip side Anika Craft pitched 6.1 innings for the Yellow Jackets and Riley Alcorn finished out the game adding 0.2 innings. Craft faced 35 batters throwing 134 pitches with 80 of those being strikes, while Alcorn faced 3 batters throwing 16 pitches with 10 of those being strikes. Defiance left this game error free. 



March 21st – Baseball (7-6) Heidelberg University 16 vs (3-8) Defiance College 5

The Defiance College Baseball team journeyed to Heidelberg University on Tuesday night. Heidelberg scored first in the game off of a single by Camden Farley driving in Andrew Pokley (0-1). Defiance answered in the top of the second inning after senior Dylan King stole second, drawing a throwing error which scored sophomore Jacob Hild (1-1). This was followed by a sophomore Tyler Dehan double to score King (2-1). Heidelberg made a comeback in the bottom of the inning after an Andrew Cook homer followed by a wild pitch which allowed Cort Kramer to score (2-3). The Student Princes then scored again in the bottom of the fourth inning. Cook doubled scoring Adam McVicker which was followed by a Kyle Krummen double to score Cook, then Reece McNeely homered resulting in Alex McRandal and Krummen scoring (2-8). The Yellow Jackets scored again in the top of the sixth when sophomore Gunner Greg smashed a solo homerun over the fence (3-8). Heidelberg remained hot going into the bottom of the sixth inning when McNeely sent a solo-shot over the fence, which was followed by a three-run home run by Farley (3-12). Cook rounded out the scoring in the bottom of the sixth for the Student Princes with an RBI single scoring, McVicker (3-13). Defiance’s scoring ended in the eighth inning after senior Hunter Bostater sent a two run homer over the left field fence scoring Gregg (5-12). Heidelberg, however, added a few more runs in the bottom of the eighth. Kyle Mottice reached on a fielder’s choice in which Max McCann scored. Then Zane Mirgon doubled, scoring Mottice. Finally, McNeely walked with bases loaded, scoring Cook (5-16). Defiance recorded 7 hits, led by Hunter Bostater and Jacob Hild each with two. Mitchell Roever, Gunner Gregg, and Tyler Dehan each chipped in one. The Yellow Jackets had a number of guys on the bump for this game. Starting pitcher junior Johnny Hammerstein faced 17 batters in his 3.1 innings pitched, throwing 72 pitches with 41 of those being strikes. Defiance then entered sophomore Tyler Sickmiller into the game who faced 6 batters in his 1.1 innings, throwing 21 pitches, 13 of those being in the zone. Next freshman Ethan Jenkins came in to throw 1.1 innings, facing 10 batters and tossing 24 pitches in which 12 were strikes. Freshman Erik Hecklinger came in next, pitching for 1.2 innings, facing 11 batters and throwing 44 pitches where 23 of those were strikes. Finally, the last pitcher that saw action was freshman Greg Kita who threw 0.1 innings, facing 2 batters and throwing 2 pitches where 1 was a strike. Defiance recorded one error in the loss. 



March 22nd – Baseball (1-11) Albion College 4 vs (3-9) Defiance College 1

The Defiance College Baseball team traveled up north to Albion College for a matchup. The first three innings of this game remained scoreless. Albion struck in the bottom of the fourth inning starting off with a Braeden Emery double to score Matt McGann (0-1). This was followed up by an Austyn Stephans single that allowed Emery and Evan Shouster to score (0-3). Defiance scored their lone run in the top of the fifth inning as junior Mitchell Roever reached base on an error allowing sophomore Tyler Dehan to score (1-3). Albion rounded out the scoring with a single by Stephans to score McGann (1-4). Defiance combined for 8 total hits in which Mitchel Roever, Josh Vischer, Hunter Bostater, Alex Morr, Tim Bobek, and Tylen Dehan each had one, while Gunner Greg recorded two. The Yellow Jackets starting pitcher, sophomore Sam Thombs had a four-inning outing in which he faced 19 batters, threw 65 pitches, and recorded 46 strikes. Defiance then had sophomore Jeffrey Varga spend some time on the mound pitching 1 inning in which he threw 25 pitches, landing 13 in the zone and faced 7 batters. Rounding out the pitching for the Yellow Jackets was senior Cohen Nies, throwing the final 3 innings facing 9 batters while tossing 47 pitches, 30 of those being strikes. The Yellow Jackets committed one error.

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March 25th Yellow Jacket Collegiate Open

Defiance College’s Men’s Track and Field team traveled to Cedarville University for the Yellow Jacket Collegiate Open. The Men’s team placed 13th out of 22 teams, while having one individual and one relay team place in the top ten. Marlon Brown snagged a second place finish in the 400 meter dash with a time of 50.65 seconds. The 4×100 meter relay team finished with a time of 51.28 second to place sixth in the meet. The 4×100 meter relay team is made up of  Gavin Maratea, Marlon Brown, Isaac Miller, and Ja’Qway Janiver.

March 25th – Women’s Track Yellow Jacket Collegiate Open

Defiance College’s Women’s Track and Field team also traveled to Cedarville University for the Yellow Jacket Collegiate Open. The Women’s team placed 16th out of 21 teams. The Women’s 4×100 meter relay team placed 3rd with a time of 51.28 seconds. The 4×100 meter relay team is made up of Lisa-Maria Markau, Shyla Pemberton, Shanti Elkins, and Hailei Haynes. Lisa-Maria Makau and Shyla Pemberton each ran the 400 meter dash recording a 23rd and 31st place finish respectively. 

March 25th – Softball Rescheduled (3-9) Defiance College vs (7-6) Albion College

Defiance College Softball will now take on Albion College on Tuesday, March 28th at 3pm and 5pm due to inclement weather. 

March 26th – Baseball (8-6) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 10 vs (3-11) Defiance College 2

Defiance College Baseball traveled to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for a two game series on Sunday after a slight battle with the weather. After a silent first two innings Rose-Hulman put two runs onto the scoreboard after a homerun by Andy Krajecki. The second run came when Connor O’Connell singled, driving in Ben Christansen (2-0). The Fightin’ Engineers struck again in the 6th inning when C. Couillard-Rodak reached on a fielder’s choice which scored Blake Deckard, after a throwing error Ian Kline scored as well (4-0). Then in the same inning Peter Rogers scored an unearned run after teammate Andy Krajecki hit a ball that Defiance turned for a double play (5-0). The 7th inning Rose-Hulman added to their lead with an RBI single by Peter Rogers that scored Jonathan Oliger (6-0). The Fightn’ Engineers just kept runs rolling in as well, an Andy Krajecki single to score Ian Kline was followed by a wild pitch that scored Peter Rogers (8-0). In the bottom of the 7th inning Defiance scored their first run. Senior Austin Horning reached first on a fielder’s choice and Sophomore Jacob Hild scored on an error (8-1). Rose-Hulman answered this run by adding two more to the scoreboard in the 8th inning. A single by Peter Rogers scored Jonathan Oliger which was followed by a balk that scored Blake Deckard (10-1). The Yellow Jackets scored the last run of the game in the 9th inning, this was off of a double by Senior Dylan King which scored Sophomore Tyler Dehan (10-2). Defiance recorded 7 hits, two of those being doubles. Hunter Bostater, Jacob Hild, Austin Horning, and Dylan King each had one hit, while Mitchell Roever led the team with three. King and Roever each had a double. Tyler Dehan and Roever also recorded a stolen base as well. Defiance College had 4 pitchers see action in this matchup. The first being starting pitcher senior Cohen Nies, he threw 5 innings, facing 26 batters, he tossed 113 pitches with 68 of them being strikes. Sophomore Tyler Sickmiller entered the game next facing 13 batters in his 1.1 innings pitched, he threw 43 pitches with 23 of those being strikes. Next up for the Yellow Jackets was freshman Ethan Jenkins who pitched 1.2 innings, facing 9 batters, he threw 46 pitches with 27 of those being strikes. Rounding out the pitching for the Yellow Jackets was junior Jeremy Russo who pitched 1 inning, tossing 16 pitches, 8 of those being strikes, he faced 3 batters. The Yellow Jackets recorded 4 errors.

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March 26th – Baseball (9-6) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 5 vs (3-12) Defiance College 3

The second game of the two game series with Rose-Hulman the Yellow Jackets put up a valiant fight. Rose-Hulman started off the game strong with a three run homerun in the first inning, when Ben Christainsen sent a ball over the fence to score Andy Krajecki and C Couillard-Rodak (3-0). Defiance drove in a run off senior Josh Vischer’s single and an error to score sophomore Tyler Dehan in the 2nd inning (3-1). In the 3rd inning the Fightin’ Engineers struck again when Jonathan Oliger singled, driving Dalton Busboom in to score (4-1). Jonathan Oliger stole second and drew an error which allowed him to advance to third as Mason Rasmussen scored (5-1). In the 4th inning sophomore Gunner Gregg hit a home run (5-2). The Yellow Jackets scored one last time in the 9th inning when Josh Vischer hit a single to score senior Dylan King. Defiance College had seven hits in this matchup, Trent Murdock, Gunner Greg, Tyler Dehan, Dylan King, and Alex Morr each recorded one hit each, while Josh Vischer added two. Dehan and King each had a double and Mitchell Roever added a stolen base. The Yellow Jackets had two pitchers spend time on the mound in this game. Starting pitcher sophomore Sam Thombs went 6 innings, facing 30 batters while throwing 109 pitches with 70 of those being strikes. Next up on the bump for Defiance was junior Johnny Hammerstein who threw 3 innings, facing 12 batters, while throwing 54 pitches with 34 of those being strikes. Defiance committed 2 errors.

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This Week (Mar. 27- Apr. 2)

*Home Events are indicated in purple*

(Tuesday, March 28th) Softball vs Albion College 

Location: Sal Hench Field 

Time: 3pm and 5pm

(Tuesday, March 28th) Baseball vs Terra State Community College

Location: Rutter Field

Time: 4pm

(Saturday, April 1st) Baseball vs Bluffton University 

Location: Rutter Field

Time: 12pm and 3pm

(Saturday, April 1st) Softball vs Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Location: RHIT Softball Field

Time: 1pm and 3pm

(Saturday, April 1st) Men’s Track & Field at the Grizzly Invite 

Location: Franklin College

Time: TBA

(Saturday, April 1st) Women’s Track & Field at the Grizzly Invite 

Location: Franklin College

Time: TBA

(Sunday, April 2nd) Baseball vs Bluffton University 

Location:Rutter Field

Time: 1pm

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