Is OBX Season 3 Worth the Hype?

By: Hannah Feldman

A new season of Outer Banks has finally arrived on Netflix and has wasted no time in jumping to the top of the Netflix Top 10 in the US and across several regions. Before the new season even aired you could see the show creeping toward the number 1 spot due to people rewatching the show, before its return. The show’s return and immediate rise to the top of the charts have created a natural curiosity among audiences who both haven’t yet begun watching the show as well as casual fans regarding whether the new season is worth adding to the watchlist — or frankly if it’s any good.

Outer Banks season 3 is streaming now on Netflix. The question is should you spend your time watching season three or even starting the show? The answer is – absolutely yay!

From the start, Outer Banks has had a way of captivating viewers with its thrilling plot, dynamic characters, and stunning setting. One of the key reasons that Outer Banks is so successful is its ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and season 3 definitely does just that. The past two seasons have left viewers on a “cliffhanger” and made fans wait almost two full years for a new season. The season is full of unexpected twists and turns, and just when you think you know what’s going to happen, the plot takes a dramatic turn. This keeps viewers engaged and invested in the story, which is what every good show should do.

If you thought the twists that came our way in seasons 1 and 2 were wild, just wait until season 3 which turns the crazy up to 11 in the best way possible! The stakes are higher, the relationship drama reaches all-time highs and the season’s overarching adventure is the show’s most ambitious yet! Between new characters, past drama, and so much more, season 3 will not disappoint.

For superfans season four has already been announced and is in the works. But the question is what will happen next, and will it be pogues or kooks?

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