Meet Professor Yakos-Brown

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce to you Alesia Yakos-Brown. She is the Associate Professor of Social Work and the field coordinator. She has been at Defiance College for 21 years. Her first year she was an adjunct professor and then became full time in 2002. She was on the social work advisory board for Defiance College and one of their faculty members needed a medical leave and the college was looking for some volunteers to teach some courses. Professor Yakos-Brown took the offer to teach some classes at Defiance College. She had taught some classes previously at the Lake Campus of Wright State. Her favorite part about working at Defiance College is working with the students. 

It was a struggle for her to answer the question on what her favorite class to teach is. She said she really enjoys teaching all of her classes for different reasons. Some of her 200 level classes, such as cultural diversity and social problems, get some different perspectives from different majors in those classes, so she enjoys teaching those classes. She attended Defiance College to obtain her bachelors degree in social work and psychology. She graduated from Defiance College in 1986. In 1990 she graduated from the Ohio State University with her MSW in social work focusing on clinical practice of child and family services. 

To get to know Professor Yakos-Brown a little more personally, I asked her some personal questions. Her favorite superhero is Batman. Her favorite author is Barbara Ehrenreich. Some of her hobbies include traveling, yard work, and watching movies. Her favorite genre of movies is mysteries. Her favorite subjects in school were life sciences like biology and social studies. 

Alesia can be located in Shuffler 207. 

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