Meet Tracy Armey

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to Tracy Armey. She is the senior career coach. She will have been at Defiance College for 21 years in July. She came to Defiance College because where she was currently working closed. She then needed a job and saw they were hiring at the college so she applied and got the position. Her favorite part about working at Defiance College is the students and the relationships she can build with them. While growing up, Tracy lived in Liberty Center, Ohio and she is currently still living there. Tracy attended Northwest State Community College for her Bachelor’s in Medical Secretarial. Then she attended Defiance College for her Bachelor of Arts in Student Affairs and Leadership Studies.

To get to know Tracy more personally, I asked her some personal questions. Her favorite TV show to watch is All American. She has a mini goldendoodle named Murphy. Tracy is more of a movie person and her favorite movie is Hoosiers. She thinks that the three best words to describe herself are passionate, caring, and friendly. 

Tracy Armey can be located in the Library in room 214. 

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