Senior Spotlight: Grant Johnson

By: Caia Bavins

Grant Johnson is a senior here at Defiance College and will be graduating with a degree in Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Aside from being an exemplary student, he is also involved in just about everything possible on campus. He plays basketball, is a part of SAAC, FCA, APO, the Service Leaders Program, the Campus Activities Board, is the Senior Representative on Student Senate, is an RA, and a Student Ambassador. Grant also recently joined the Defiance College Men’s Choir. And if that wasn’t enough, he also started a podcast called Three Dudes in Their Twenties with his two friends Adam Tobin and Will Garlock in his spare time. I would like to know what kind of coffee he drinks because that stuff is magical.

When I sat down to talk with him, Grant said that if he had to describe himself in one word, it would be grateful. He said that “a lot of small things have built up through my life and I can reflect back on those.” He went on to talk a little bit about his academic career and how much he is grateful for the professors and staff that have helped him, as well as all the coaches that have made his time here at Defiance College the best experience it could be. Grant also talked about the amazing experiences such as his McMaster trip to Panama or being on the basketball team.

Because he’s a senior, Grant had a chance to reflect on some of his favorite memories, but also some of his mistakes or things that he wished he had done differently. When I asked him if he could give advice to his freshman self, he said that “there is a lot of sacrifice and dedication, which I was already used to doing throughout my life, but I would just emphasize to myself to be ready to wake up everyday and not everything go perfect. Just keep being determined on your journey and keep your goals in the back of your mind through it all.” Grant certainly did keep his goals in mind because he just released yesterday that he will be attending the Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine, so if you see him, make sure to say congratulations!

As he starts saying goodbye to Defiance College and all the students, faculty, and staff, he wants to say thank you to everyone he’s met here and for all the experiences he’s had here. He wants to thank the college for “everything it’s done for me. It’s really shaped who I’ve become to this day, and I think it’s really going to propel me through my future life and future career, whether that’s my profession or all the above. Father, Husband, all those things. All I can say is I was happy to be a part of Defiance College. I’m really thankful.”

As always, come to graduation on May 13 to support Grant and his fellow seniors as they
celebrate the hard work they’ve put in over the last four years!

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