Interesting Facts About Brownies

By: Elizabeth Patrick

According to “Everything You Need to Know About Brownies” states that “Brownies have two of their own holidays: National Brownies Day on December 8 and National Have a Brownie Day on February 10th.” Brownies first appeared in cookbooks in 1904 and walnuts are the most popular brownie mix-in.

Although the origin of brownies or where they came from is unknown, some theorists believe that they were created after a chef made a mistake. Another interesting fact about brownies is that the classic recipe only consists of five ingredients including butter, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and flour.

Some brownies turn out chewy as a result of adding in extra eggs and a combination of different chocolates. Brownies are also considered a “comfort food” which means that whenever they are eaten, they provide a sentimental feeling to the person eating it. Most people know of the traditional chocolate brownies, but there are also brownies that are called “blondies”.

These blondy brownies are known for their golden brown color and are made with brown sugar, vanilla, butter, and eggs; however, no chocolate is needed. The term “brownie” could also be used to address a mythical creature. These brownies are small and can secretly carry out good deeds under the cover of darkness.

The largest brownie ever made weighed in at three thousand pounds and was served at the Hudson Valley Chocolate Factory in 2001. This brownie included 850 pounds of sugar, 750 pounds of chocolate chips, 500 pounds of butter, 500 pounds of flour, and 3,500 eggs.

To finalize, brownies are a popular comfort food that has been around for hundreds of years. 

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