Book Review: The Guest List

By: Hanna Young

The Guest List, by New York Times Best Selling Author Lucy Foley was a predictable yet solid book. This book is set in a wedding venue on the very desolate island of Cormorant Island off the coast of Ireland. The wedding venue is called the Folley. 

Jules and Will are both very prominent people, Will being a TV show star and Jules the editor of her own start up magazine. They are getting married on a very desolate island in which the guests have to take a boat from the mainland to celebrate with the bride and groom. The plus-one, wedding planner, bride, bridesmaid, and best man all have very different feelings about the wedding and the other people that are there. Olivia, the bridesmaid, has a connection to another guest that no one knows about. Hannah, the plus-one’s husband is more deeply involved with one of the other women at the wedding. Johnno, the best man finds out a very important secret that someone else was hiding from him. Jules, the bride, is in love with Will, but does everyone at the wedding think they are a good match? Lastly, the wedding planner is there to keep the guests safe and happy. What happens though when the lights go out and someone is murdered. The plus-one, wedding planner, bride, bridesmaid, and best man all have a reason and a secret, but the real question is which one of them actually committed the murder. 

This book had a really slow start and I felt as though it took forever to get to the point. With what seemed like a hundred pages of background information and only one page of what happened on the wedding night I was really bored. The last 40 pages are the ones that kept my attention the best. I really enjoyed the ending of the book. 

Overall, I gave this book a 3/5. Mostly because of the slow start and the boringness of the first 200 plus pages. The book was good, it was just kinda boring to start with.

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