Book Review: Sharp Objects

By: Hanna Young

Sharp Objects, by New York Times Best Selling Author, Gillian Flynn left me with questions about why I even finished the book. This book was set in Windgap, Missouri, a small town. The small-town effect was needed to portray the horrible things that happened in the town.

Camille Preaker is a reporter and writer for the Chicago Daily Post and she is sent to write a story about two murdered girls from her hometown of Windgap. Camille left her hometown after a stay in a psych hospital. She goes and stays at her mother’s house which is the house she grew up in. The only thing is, she is staying with not only her mother who enjoys taking care of her kids, but she is also staying with her half-sister that she barely knows. What Camille doesn’t realize is that her past will tell her even more about what is happening now than what she could ever imagine.

This book seemed to drag on even though it is the shortest book that I have read in years. There was nothing that made me want to finish it, I started out reading from the book but then I had to find the audiobook so that I could finish it because I couldn’t read it anymore. Looking back there was so much potential for the storyline, but I was so confused until the very end. The only other problem was that the ending seemed like such a stretch. In my opinion, the book should have ended with Chapter 16. Chapter 17 and the Epilogue seemed like such a reach.

Overall, I gave this book a 1/5. This was largely because of how long the book seemed as well as the ending.

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