Meet Dr. Beringer

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to Lisa Beringer. She is the Assistant Professor of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. She is in her second year of teaching at Defiance College, she started in the fall of 2022. She previously worked in a community college environment, but when she was presented with an opportunity to switch to DC she chose to make the switch because she wanted to be actively involved in equity, diversity, and inclusion within a college. Dr. Beringer’s favorite part about working at DC is the students. She states that she loves “the commitment that the college has for building an inclusive environment.” Prior to working at Defiance College, Dr. Beringer worked full time at Ivy Tech for 16 years. 

Dr. Beringer went to St. Norbert College in Wisconsin for her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She then went on and got her Master’s Degree in American Studies from Penn State University. Lastly, she attended Purdue University for her PhD in American Studies. Ultimately her favorite class to teach is multiculturalism. She has taught this class at another college, but is going to teach multiculturalism this coming spring at Defiance. When asked the question if she is more of a dog or a cat person, she responded with “I don’t own any pets, but would pick dogs.” Her first job was working at a car wash in Wausau, Wisconsin. When in high school, she competed on her basketball and swim team. If she could have one superpower, she would choose to snap and instantly have a cappuccino in front of her. When in high school she kicked off the very first Wisconsin Badger state games by singing the national anthem and after the governor said, “Great job Linda.”

Dr. Beringer’s office can be located in Dana 13. 

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