DC Men’s Sports Recap 10/23-10/29

By Caia Bevins

This was a busy week for the men’s teams, so let’s recap.

Men’s soccer played Mount Saint Joseph last Wednesday in their last game of the season. The Jackets wasted no time, and #7 Adam Tobin scored the first goal of the game in the first five minutes. #11 Riley Hensley scored a few minutes later, and they kept up their momentum, scoring another seven goals in the first half, one by #23 Jeremy Fuller, two by  #24 Joshua Maurer, one by #4 Will Gehlhausen, and another by #X Jacob Saxby. In the second half, DC only scored one goal, which was made by #7 Adam Tobin. #24 Joshua Maurer and #7 Adam Tobin led the team in goals, #10 Armando Campos-Ortiz and #35 Griffin Meyer led with shots, and #1 Orry Killam led with four saves. Overall, the team attempted thirty-four shots, seventeen shots on goal, and five saves.

Men’s soccer played in the first round of the HCAC tournament last Saturday against Transylvania. Both teams were scoreless in the first half despite several attempts on both sides. In the second half, the Jackets made several more shots, but none of them found the back of the net. The clock ran down with both teams scoreless, so they went into overtime. There were six rounds of one-on-one shots. Each team made several good saves after six rounds; they were tied 3-3. They went into a sudden death round, and Transylvania made the shot, winning the game. #11 Riley Hensley and #7 Adam Tobin led with four shots each, and #1 Orry Killam led with saves. The team ended with fifteen shots, eight shots on goal, and four saves.

Football played against Manchester last weekend. In the first half, the Spartans made three touchdowns and made all three extra points, while the Jackets scored two touchdowns and a field goal, making the score 21-17 going into the second half. The Jackets dominated the second half and scored 34 points, and the game ended with a score of 51-27. The game ended with 291 passing yards, 199 rushing yards, and had a time of possession of 26:22.

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