Meet Dr. Barnes

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to Dr. Barnes. She is the Associate Professor of Special Education and Director of the Hench Autism Studies Program. She has been at Defiance College for 11 years. Dr. Barnes’ favorite thing about working at Defiance College is the small class sizes as well as the small amount of advisees she has to work with. She stated that with the small numbers she can “work closely with students from beginning to end and watch their personal and professional growth.” When asked the question on why she wanted to work at DC, she responded with “the opportunities that she has to work with students directly and then the possibilities for creating partnerships in the community.” Prior to working at the college, Dr. Barnes worked at a boarding school for students with complex learning disabilities.

Dr. Barnes went to Western Michigan University for her Undergraduate degree in Psychology. She then attended Southern Illinois Carbondale for her Master’s degree in Behavioral Analysis and Therapy. Dr. Barnes then went on at Southern Illinois Carbondale for her PhD in Rehabilitation. Two words that Dr. Barnes would use to describe herself are introverted and focused. Since having children, Dr. Barnes sees herself more as an early bird. She stated that she “starts her day off an hour before everyone else in her house gets up, so she can drink her coffee and read.” She really likes both tea and coffee, but she mentioned she is more of a coffee drinker. When asked the question on who has inspired her to move forward with the career path she is in right now, she stated “her mom because she had a career in Special Education.” 

Dr. Barnes’ office can be located in Defiance 104C.

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