Book Review: The Perfect Marriage

By: Hanna Young

The Perfect Marriage, by USA Today’s Best Selling Author, Jeneva Rose left me wondering what the heck just happened. This book is set in Washington D.C. where Sarah Morgan lives with her husband Adam Morgan. The book also has scenes set in Prince William County where the pair has a vacation home on a lake. 

Sarah Morgan is one of the best defense attorneys in Washington D.C. and that is not an understatement, she is already a partner at her law firm. Adam Morgan is a writer who started off his career with a debut best seller, but the ship that brought him fame has come and gone. With his writer career struggling and Sarah’s career striving she spends more time at her office than at home. This causes Adam to get bored of their marriage and find someone else, a breath of fresh air. Adam meets Kelly Summers at the coffee shop she waitressed at and they hit it off, both of them being married already and wanting something on the side. The pair start rendezvousing at the lake house. One morning after Adam and Kelly had met at the lake house Adam was arrested for Kelly’s murder. The evidence seems stacked against Adam and as one of the best defense attorneys in town Sarah is Adam’s only hope of getting out of this mess. 

I have a love-hate relationship with this book. On one hand the ending had me completely thrown for a loop, it was something that I was not expecting. On the other hand though, I was left a little annoyed with how much of the book was set up giving background information versus how much was used explaining the court case and verdict as well as explaining the person that committed the crime and why. This was a really good book, it just had a lot of stuff that seemed like filler and a really fast resolution to the book. 

Overall, I gave this book a 3/5. This is because of the proportions of the book. I was really taken aback by the ending, but I just can’t get past the amount of the book that was used just for filler information.

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