Get Fit

In order to get bigger, you need to eat more calories but healthy calories. There is a difference between a handful of almonds and a handful of gummy bears. 

Chris Shank, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator


“Have a plan,” Chris Shank, a Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at Defiance College. He states, “A lot of people will sit there, especially young athletes, with working out very little and eating whatever they want. That’s why you need to have a plan. {You] need to know how many carbs, protein, and fats per week, per day, per meal,” Shank said. “There’s good weight, and there’s bad weight,” Shank said. To reach your goals of getting bigger, you have to have a plan of what you eat for every time you put food in your mouth. 

Supplements are something people all around the U.S. take to help them bulk up like protein powder and creatine. But supplements are not always the best thing for your body and can also be unsafe. “Anyone can, if you have the right marketing, just put a label on a supplement and have it say get big,” Shank said. Be sure to do your research on what is in the supplement you’re using because there could be something in there that you don’t like the way your body feels when taking it. 

Nate Hall, a Junior Education and History major at Defiance College, intakes 4000 to 5000 calories a day and works out for about an hour and a half per day. “Best thing for building muscle is diet, it’s about 80% diet, and 20% is lifting,” Hall said.

It is recommended to work all your muscles to bulk up evenly, such as biceps, triceps, chest, legs, back, etc. But you should work them at certain times of the week. “Generally, if you take three days off of lifting for a certain body part or muscle group, then that’s when you start to see gains,” Shank said.

There’s a facility on campus that allows you to work out just for being a Defiance College student, which is the George M. Smart Center. Another option, however, is not on campus. The local Defiance YMCA, located at 1500 Palmer Drive, supplies students with a free membership using your student ID. For more info visit:

Written by: Seth Pearson

It’s that time of year again — Homecoming week!

With a special appearance by the 1969 Alumni team and a week set with activities, homecoming is bound to be full of great experiences. 

Talking with Head Football Coach Manny Matsakis, he remarked, “We should have a good crowd with alumni coming back. The 1969 undefeated football team with a Record 9-0 is coming back for their 50th anniversary.” The team will be getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

According to Coach Matsakis, the focus heading into homecoming week for the team is to continue “working on us instead of worrying about what opponent we are playing against. We will be playing the defending conference champions Hanover College at home.” 

“It’s the first actual home game in the stadium because the first game of the year we played Thursday night at Defiance High school.” Kick-off for the game is at 1:30 pm. 

The students can look forward to multiple activities this week as well.  Along with students receiving free entry to all events with their student ID, there are many other adventures planned. Lisa Marsalek, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator said in an email the homecoming events will be as follows: 

  • Monday night will be a movie night at the Northtowne Cinema  
  • Tuesday will be Axe throwing, giant corn hole, Human billiards  
  • Wednesday Homecoming Tshirts will be given away 
  • Thursday there will be a bonfire between the residence Halls with S’mores  
  • Friday is Lunchtime Bingo in the Café and ScreamAcres in Napoleon, Ohio. Transportation will be provided. 
  • Saturday is tailgating Before the football team takes on Hanover. 

Homecoming week is also about the Homecoming court. 

 One of last year nominates, Brooke Gostomsky, an Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy Major, explained the nomination process.   got an email that she was on the ballot and needed to head over to the office of student life. There she had her picture taken for the ballot that is emailed to all students. After she got selected to represent her junior class, she was invited to the alumni dinner on the Friday before the homecoming game. On the Saturday of homecoming, before the game began, all of the selected students are announced in order of their class-leading up to the homecoming court King and Queen.   

This year’s court consists of Julia Yeager and Noah Svanvery representing the freshman class, Kelsie Shafer and Matt Cline as our Sophomore attendant and escort, Kayln Pickens and Lucas Thomeier for the Junior Class. The Senior Attendants are Jessica Mello, Blake Newman, and Whitney Webb. The Senior Escorts this year are Zac Brazen, Chris Keys, and Jason Santora.  

For more information on all the activities this week, check out the DC website at 

Written by: Aubrey Griggs

Meaningful Movie Mondays

Despite no turnout at all, Meaningful Movie Mondays continue into the Fall 2019 Semester at Defiance College.

M&M Mondays show documentaries and other films that are purposeful and thought-provoking, with plans to follow the screening with a discussion on the topic within the film. The lack of turnout has made both that and the passing out of free M&M candy ineffectual.

Created by Lisa Crumit-Hancock, Assistant Dean of Student Success, M&M Mondays began in the Fall Semester of 2018, making this the second consecutive year of its existence. Despite its establishment, turnout at the first presentation of the fall semester was zero.

“This (the lack of attendance) shows that we haven’t been getting the word out as well as we could be.” Lisa Crumit-Hancock commented. “Emails don’t seem to be cutting it, so we are very open to suggestions from students when it comes to marketing the event and getting the word out.”

“We kept the event going because it wasn’t costing anything really,” Brandon Ripke, the Academic Support Coordinator at Pilgrim Library, explained while he was setting up the first film of the semester. “Kanopy is something that Defiance College uses, so we figured that this could be a way to further implement it.”

Kanopy, as Ripke mentioned above, is a service for documentaries and films. The site’s byline claims it has a focus on “Classic Cinema, Indie Films, and Top Documentaries.” The Kanopy service is free for students with the use of their Defiance College ID. Every film that has been used for Meaningful Movie Mondays and that is planned for the future is hosted on Kanopy. To check out the movies available go to for free access.  

The first showing of the semester was at 7 pm on Monday, September 9th. The movie was a documentary called “Girls Rock,” which followed a group of girls, ages 8-18 during a week-long stay at the aptly named Rock and Roll Camp for Girls.

The next showing of the semester will be on Monday, September 23rd, in the Media Room in the basement of Pilgrim Library, at 7 pm. The documentary this time will be titled “Geek Girls: The Hidden Half of Fan Culture,” and will “open up about the lives (of women) in the world of conventions, video games, and other rife-with-misogyny pop culture touchstones.”

Written by Camrin Santchi

Defender Highlight: Professor Jo Ann Burkhardt

“All students can learn” Professor Burkhardt

Professor Jo Ann Burkhardt is a part of the Education department at Defiance College. She previously studied at Bowling Green State University, The University of Toledo and the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Science. She has a bachelors in education, a masters in administration and supervision, a specialists degree in leadership,  a Ph.D. and a culinary degree–that was her favorite to obtain.

  Professor Burkhardt is from the Cleveland area and came here for her first teaching job at Tinora Schools.  Being in the area, she became familiar with Defiance College. 

When Professor Burkhardt is not in the classroom helping students, she says she is a ‘fiber-artist-wannabe.’ She dyes fibers, spins, weaves, knits, sews, and makes dye baths out of natural ingredients. 

Professor Burkhardt’s philosophy of teaching is that “all students can learn.” She believes, “you must teach who you get, not who you want or who you think you should. A teacher must accept everyone and help eliminate barriers [with] their students. A teacher has an active role in a student’s learning and needs to keep them engaged.”

When asked why she chose the education field, she states, “…I chose to become a teacher [because] at the time, there were not a lot of options for women. You could be a nun, a nurse, or a teacher. I went to [an all girls] catholic school, and so I knew [becoming] a nun was out of the picture, and I knew nursing was [out also]—so I went with teaching. And I’m so glad I did. It was really for me!” 

In the current generation, Burkhardt wishes that colleges and universities had a voice in how they teach and structure their teacher education programs. “All teacher education programs across the United States are the same because we all have to teach the same stuff,” Burkhardt said. “Academic standards may vary from state to state, but in order to train teachers, you have to be accredited by a national body—and there is only one. In order for us to continue training teachers, we have to be approved by [the national body]. Licensure programs have to do things a certain way ”. 

She actively helps students pave their way to success. Professor Burkhardt has encouraged many students to pursue their dreams by helping them along their journey to becoming teachers. If you haven’t had the chance to cross paths with her Professor Burkhardt, take the time out of your day to get acquainted. 

Written by Tessa Wall

Defiance Students on ‘The Wall’

The political scheme of the United States has been at a standstill due to ‘the Wall’ and the students of Defiance College have offered some of their opinions on the issue.

The students at Defiance seemed to share mixed opinions on the Wall issue. During a break between classes, students were interviewed in the cafeteria regarding their feelings on the Wall. Students stated a desire for anonymity regarding their answers. Due to this, student names and other identifiers have been removed.

One student stated that she has “no idea about any details or anything on it because I live under a rock.” While this student did not have much to say on her solution to the Wall issue, others had plenty.

One student spoke in support of building the Wall explaining that, in reference to the money spent on illegal immigrants in recent years, “it would save us money in the long run because we have spent over 21 billion in each of the last two years, so over 42 billion”. The student also stated that “it would keep our country safer as a whole without drugs coming into it, not saying every immigrant is bad but making sure they are at least cleared through a checkpoint would be nice.”

Other students did not share the support. One student stated that the only way to fix the problem would be to “build a time machine, travel to the past, and then not vote for Donald Trump to be our president.” Another student believes that the money for the wall would be better spent on programs such as “health care, funding for job placement and job security, children in poverty and education.” Other students concurred that education would be a more suitable place for the money spent on the Wall.

   And finally, one student, a member of the Army National Guard, stated that “I will support the decisions the country makes. However, this Wall seems immoral to me. We are supposed to be the great American melting pot, a place where everyone is welcome to find their freedom. Building a Wall takes away those freedoms”.

   The executive order for ‘the Wall’ was issued on January 25th of  2017 by President Donald Trump. The goal of this order was to make sure that immigration laws were being upheld and protect the country as per President Trump’s executive order. To secure the Southern border, the executive order calls for immediate construction of a physical Wall to prevent illegal aliens from entering into the country. The creation of such a Wall is expensive, as Trump acknowledges and addresses, stating the government would “allocate all sources of Federal funds for the planning, designing, and constructing of a physical Wall along the southern border.”

   Students are offering up their opinions on a huge political debate. The students interviewed held a variety of different thoughts on the topic while also sharing in similarities when it came to where they believed the money should go.

Written by Jordan Osborne

Jobs for Non-Work Study Eligible Students

Some Defiance College students are not work study eligible which doesn’t allow them to make money while in classes. Luckily, there are many businesses nearby that are hiring part-time students to fill their open positions.  

Planet Fitness on North Clinton Street offers not only a job motivating others but also a free black card membership to enjoy for the duration of the employment to use the facilities. With this free black card membership, you are able to work out, tan, us the massage chairs, and hydrobeds.

Through Planet Fitness you also become CPR/AED and Tanning certified. With CPR training you will learn how to revive someone that has stopped breathing and using  AED training to diagnose the issue and treat the individual through the application of electricity.

Planet Fitness’ Manager, Kaity Elderkin stated: “I look for self-motivated, positive people that talk to the guests and perform daily tasks such as answering guest questions, providing tours, and cleaning the equipment.” If this job and perks sound appealing stop in any Thursday from 9 am- 5 pm to attend an open interview with Kaity or call (419) 990-0500.

Another available position is a Chiropractic Assistant at A. Little Chiropractic Center on Ralston Ave. This small, busy office needs another desk assistant to help with its growing business. While working there the individual will gain knowledge of office life and how to use various computer systems.

The owner Alicia Little said, “We’re looking for an outgoing, self-motivated individual that enjoys talking to our patients and having fun. We teach you to use our chiropractic software and no other experience is required. Your pay would start at $10/hr”. To join this growing company call (419) 782-2272 to schedule an interview.

Applebee’s Grill and Bar on North Clinton Street is hiring for servers, hosts, and cooks. Through this company, various valuable skills are taught that will allow for excellent customer service.

One of the managers, Paul Spencer said, “We’re looking to fill a variety of positions with people that are hard-working, motivated, and friendly.” After being hired there is a small amount of computer training to help understand the computer system used to complete orders. If working in a restaurant sounds exciting, apply online at or call Applebee’s at (419) 784-2279 to speak with a manager.

Within a short drive or walk close to campus, it is obvious there are many off-campus employment options for students to take advantage of.

Written by Kenzie Hall

Thoughts on the DC Bookstore

Defiance College recently transitioned its bookstore from the traditional store setting to a completely web based experience. The store remains open in Hubbard Hall throughout the week selling some apparel, hats, and accessories. The virtual bookstore allows students to order or sell textbooks. Additionally, professors are able to upload the required textbooks prior to the start of classes, so students can prepare in advance. Each class that a student is taking will be labeled under a tab following the textbooks the teacher assigns. The online bookstore offers a variety of prices including buying and renting used or new books.

A few students on campus shared their opinions on the new system.  Senior Kelsey Parker shared that the new website is easy to navigate. Additionally, she added that, “It’s nice to have another option to compare books for the best price.” In comparison Jennifer Nashalsky stated that she only used the website to see the required textbooks for each of her classes. Tyler Davie also commented on the bookstore. He shared that he likes that the website is convenient for ordering all of his textbooks from one site and that they all are affordable for the most part. However, he claimed that he misses the wider variety of apparel the bookstore had. Tyler shared that he would like to see more of a variety of clothing options in the store. In comparison, Adam Ramirez claimed that the bookstore is, “too expensive.” Lastly, senior Jackie Hartman stated she like the clothing options the bookstore has. She commented, “I’ve bought multiple sweatshirts from the store and they all were reasonably priced.” However, Jackie added that she has not used the online bookstore as she uses other web based sites for her textbooks. 

Written by Madysyn Creighton