A new life, a new opportunity


(Defiance, Oh) The sails are set, the chain is broken, and the dogs are out!  College has begun once again for the fall semester and with it, many adjustments are taking place for incoming freshman and even some upperclassmen.  From small changes like adapting to the delectable cuisine offered here at DC to much larger alterations like making a dorm or an apartment home, every student at DC is surely experiencing new adventures, achievements, experiences, and exploits.

Parents and administrators will tell you college is all about classwork and academics, but there’s so much more.  After all, it’s about the experience right!?  So how, with all of these adjustments and new beginnings, can we truly get the most out of our time here at Defiance?  It’s simple, just follow a few simple principles!

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Or that it seems there’s no place for you? You are certainly not alone! To fix that loneliness, homesickness, or heartsickness, it cannot be stressed how important it is to be involved – with anything and everything!  When a student gets involved, he or she feels a sense of belonging.  If you get involved with something on campus, no matter how big or small or silly or serious, I guarantee you’ll find your niche sooner or later.  Just get out and do something!  From sports, to music, to causes, to service, to games, to Greek life, and more, there are so many possibilities available right at your fingertips.

With so many opportunities unique to DC, it can be a breeze to fill your plate in no time. However, it’s also important to take some time for yourself and find out exactly how to make the city of Defiance truly a “great place to live.”  More importantly, relaxing will make DC your home away from home.  Find openings in your schedule for visits from family and friends, day trips out of town or even a day to step back and appreciate the small things in life.  It’s great to be busy, but always be sure to book yourself some time for you.

Which brings us to the most important thing to remember when taking on college life full bore!  College is a great time to shape and mold you into an admirable person, but it’s vital that you never allow college to change who you are in your innermost core.  The most remarkable thing any student can do is become a master of his institution.  The next four years of our lives are a time of growing, maturing (with immaturity of course) and leaving a mark on Defiance College.

Friends, we have a great opportunity staring us directly in the face. Let’s not hesitate making it the greatest time of our lives.

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