Is Chivalry Outdated?


(Defiance, Oh) I wonder sometimes if the idea of chivalry is irrelevant to today’s culture. How that an etiquette formed in the medieval times is in any way relevant to our way of life. First let’s give a brief definition of what chivalry is. The code of chivalry describes certain standards that promote the development of men. Under this code men are called to be trustful, loyal, courteous, protectors of women, and allies to the weak. While all of these values seem to fall under the phrase of “being a Boy Scout.” However these values are what we should be putting on a pedestal.

Even today we can see how man’s core values have deteriorated over time. It is hard to watch the news and see how a man has abused his wife or kids because of alcoholism or simply out of malice. While many men still cling to a false idealism of what it takes to be a man, not all hope is lost. Chivalry is still around, with many men still following these historic codes of etiquette and it all begins with the values stated above.

We can still see examples, even through the United States history, when this country was first established. Founding first leaders knew that just the words on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence would not keep order and peace in the new world, but a social standard modeled after the medievalist idea. There are even modern day examples that go beyond simply opening up doors for women.

The first one is to only speak the truth; a man that can not be trusted can not be relied on. Next is loyalty that every man should have, either to his family, wife, or friends. The next value is courtesy, which is the ability to respect and honor other people. This trait especially has seemed to take a back seat in today’s society. Where everyone is trying to get a step ahead of their fellow man, not even caring where that step might be. This style of living is not only frowned upon by the code of chivalry but also even in the holy bible. In the gospel of Mark, Jesus says, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven.” Without bashing capitalism any more, there is a more cheery sides of chivalry; that is the romantic aspect of chivalry.

Romantic chivalry is every girls dream. To be swayed with poetry, and kissed by their prince charming. Yet, most people’s romantic life is not like the Disney movies; where there is always an antagonist to a protagonist and where guy always gets the girl. But what happened to at least striving for that fairy tale date. Instead of going to going to strip clubs and getting drunk with their friends, men should attempt to stick to the chivalrous code. A message to all women out there, do not lose faith in your happily ever after, prince charming is still out there.

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