Animal Crossing: New Leaf



“All right! College has started and now it’s time to have fun! Oh shoot, I also have to pay debt. Dang it!” Paying debt is not fun, or at least not in real life. However, there is a game in which you have to pay debt in order to have a nice house in a life simulation game called Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  In this game, you are a human living in a village with anthropomorphic villagers (animal like humans).  In this life simulator game, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can fish, fossil hunt, catch bugs, buy clothes, and buy furniture for your new house (that you have to pay debt for).  Why is this game so popular?  Let us go back to the first game of the series.

Crossing was released in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube and quickly became a success.  The plot of the game is simple, the greedy shop owner, Tom Nook, sells you a house but you lack the money to buy the house.  In return for the house, Nook makes you work for him for a while and tells you to help the villagers to earn money. This is when you have all the freedom in the game.

You can help villagers do chores in which they will gladly pay you back, either in money or furniture. Once you have the money, you can add more extensions to your house, buy furniture that fits your personality, and add your own personal touch to your house. You can even allow your friends to visit your village and house by putting two memory cards with Animal Crossing data in the same GameCube.  Unfortunately, players are unable to play the game together.

This was fixed, in 2005 Animal Crossing: Wild World was released on the Nintendo DS. Due to the DS being able to connect to another DS through Wi-Fi, players can visit each other. This game also gives you more of a chances to customize and made the villagers more interactive.  In 2008, Animal Crossing: City Folk was released for the Wii.  Although not many changes were made to this game, it did introduced a City Plaza that featured new characters.

2013 finally came, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  There new furniture, more bugs and fish, and new buildings, but the player can also customize the town. Why? You become mayor of the village! This allows you determine where new buildings and features will be in the town, and also lets you set Town Ordinances and create public works projects.  The villagers are a lot more diverse and interactive, too.  Although they’ve always celebrated, now the villagers party with you all the time.  During the summer of 2013, every weekend was filled with fireworks on the game.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the best life simulation game, but there are plenty of these games available in app form for iPhone and Android devices.  Some titles include, but are not limited to, The Sims, Contract Killer, Fashion Icon, My Clinic, My Little Pony, and Tiny Farm. With how many simulation games there are, anyone can find one in their interest.  So if you cannot grab a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, make sure to try one of the other life simulation games. They are tons of fun and addicting.

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