Trevor Baily’s Fight for Recovery

By Kevin Dillinger

Sometimes in the blink of an eye life can change forever. This happened to Defiance highschooler Trevor Bailey on August 29th 2012 when the perfectly healthy sixteen year old had a sudden onset of type 1 diabetes.  The sudden onset sent Trevor into a diabetic coma due to his brain swelling. While doctors were able to save Trevor’s life, the boy suffered significant brain damage. As days passed, Trevor slowly improved and today Trevor is at home and going to school while doing therapy every day.

While Trevor has recovered significantly since the tragic incident he still suffers from mental and physical complications. When something like this happens it is our job as a community to bind together in order to do what we can to help. The Defiance Community has so far had several events in order to help support Trevor including the implementing of the slogan “Wearing Blue for Trevor” and a 5K walk that helped raise funds for his treatments.

As the fight for recovery marches on, The Compass will be hosting a benefit concert on February 23rd at 6:00pm. The concert will be featuring local talent, including Varsity Blues, a Defiance High School music group, Restoration, a local bluegrass band, and Leanette Lopez.

All proceeds from this concert go to the Bailey Family, so be sure to go and show support for this brave young man. The Bailey Family is working not just for the recovery of their son, but also to spread awareness for diabetes.

Trevor continues to surprise doctors and nurses by his amazing progress. Despite doctor’s believing he would not recover, Trevor continues to make progress. He will be attending Wexlor Rehab Center at Ohio State University for further treatments soon.

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