Arts & Humanity Department Mixer

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-McCauley Potts
-Images by Michelle Puehler

(Defiance, Oh) On September 9th, 2014 the Arts and Humanity department held a mixer, where students and faculty gathered to mingle, share food, and discuss the breaking news of the comic book world. There was a low attendance of students, but this did not derail the ones that attended from having a good time.

Every element of the Arts and Humanities discipline was represented and each brought a little spice to the stew. For the ones that did not attend, you missed out!

Each of the faculty brought something special to add to the hobo stew, a giant stew made of mixed ingredients. Along with the stew, professor St. Onge brought his “world famous” guacamole dip and there was endless pie and cake.

To accompany the free food and drinks, there was plenty of talk about how Robert Downey Jr. truly is Iron Man. From the comic books to the movies, plenty of people agreed no one else could pull off Tony Stark but Robert Downey Jr. Without a replacement there may not be an Iron Man 4, a disappointing truth.

For more information about what was discussed about Iron Man at the mixer, here is a link:

Along with their movies, the similarities and differences between the movies and the original comic books, from both the DC and Marvel Universes, was fiercely debated.

In general the mixer was a perfect two hours break from studying, sports or other extra curricular activities. It was the best way to relax, share ideas, and conversation with other students from different majors that share similar interests with you.

On my way out, I took my first stroll through the art department to see the different art created by fellow DC students. The rooms contained a lot of cool pieces made from clay and paint. If you have some free time I would suggest taking a trip to the art room and gallery in Dana Hall.

If you are interested in more events like this or want to learn more about the Arts and Humanities department at Defiance College in general check out this link.

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