Top Ten Things to Do During Your First Year at Defiance College

-Nathan Height

Because you might as well get your money’s worth!

Picture by: Nicole Buccalo

1. Go to a Yellow Jacket Sporting Event

Defiance College athletic teams brought home four conference championships during the 2013-2014 school year! As that success is predicted to continue, attending intercollegiate athletic events remain a great way to meet fellow Yellow Jackets, support your peers and classmates while they play, and celebrate our institution’s victories on the field, court, or pool.


Picture by: Nicole Buccalo
Picture by: Nicole Buccalo

2. Travel Domestically

Trips to various locations such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Birmingham are offered to DC students throughout the year. Not only do these visits provide an opportunity to see locations across the continental United States, but they usually are completely paid for by the school. Nothing beats free food, fun and travel!


Picture by: Alpha Xi Delta DC Chapter
Picture by: Alpha Xi Delta DC Chapter

3. Get Involved in Greek Life

DC offers three different fraternity/sorority groups on its campus. Greek Life provides you opportunities to socialize and meet new people, but it allows you to give back to the Defiance area through service. Whether it’s joining the fraternity Phi Sigma Chi, the sorority Alpha Xi Delta, or the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, great experiences are guaranteed to follow!


Picture by: Nicole Buccalo

4. Experience Homecoming

Not only does the Defiance College football team plan to seal up a regular season victory for the event, but Homecoming Week holds campus-wide community building throughout. Between making tie-dye shirts, listening to the local area music talent, and casting your vote for the king and queen, Homecoming Week fosters memorable times with fellow DC students, staff and alum!

Homecoming also puts a lot of alumni on our campus which can become a great opportunity for young aspired students to network and socialize with potential employers. Do not underestimate the importance of networking early! Even if it is not for a job, networking for internships is just as important.

Picture by: McMaster Office for Advancing Humanity

5. Get Involved with Project 701

Project 701 is a unique opportunity allowing students make an impact on campus and the local-area community. The student-run non-profit group is in place to “enable Defiance College students to engage in creative service opportunities while gaining critical managerial and entrepreneurial skills.” Not only will you be able to make a difference, but you will be adding valuable experience on your professional resume as well.


Picture by: DC Intramurals
Picture by: DC Intramurals

6. Join an Intramural Sport

Miss the days of last second Hail Mary passes or alley-oops that end in awkward lay-ups? Defiance College Intramurals might be the activity for you! Intramurals range from disc golf to sand volleyball and allow only the best to walk away with bragging rights. Enjoy all the glory of the games while not having to put in the two hours of practice every morning!


Picture by: McMaster School for Advancing Humanity
Picture by: McMaster School for Advancing Humanity

7. Apply for a McMaster Trip

Defiance College hosts one of the most unique programs in the nation, the McMaster School for Advancing Humanity. The McMaster program currently facilitates hands-on, student-run projects in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. This trip of a lifetime will allow you to make a difference in another nation and will provide valuable experience that will be held in high regard by graduate schools and employers alike. Keep an eye out in the spring for trip call-outs!

 8. Get Intercultural

Interested in growing as an individual, trying something new, or gaining new perspective? Defiance College is home to multiple intercultural groups that hold discussion meetings on a weekly basis. Whether it is attending a Black Action Student Association (BASA) meeting, trying out Defiance College’s LGBTQ/Ally group DC Pride, or going to a Latinos Unidos mixer, you are guaranteed to develop meaningful friendships while becoming more culturally aware!

pic99. Go to Class

Seriously! Class may not be the most glamourous event of college, but it is why we are all here, right?




Picture by: Nicole Buccalo
Picture by: Nicole Buccalo

10. Try Something New

College is that time in your life where you truly want to exit with no regrets or second thoughts! Don’t be afraid to play that new position, take that trip to where you’ve never been, or try that experience that is completely brand new to you. That’s what the “college experience” is all about!

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