A Fresh New Addition to the Cafe

– Zack Bires

(Defiance, Oh) Many students are wondering why the line at The Hive has started to take longer. It is not normal and is not like what it used to be the past years. The answer is the Cafe is changing its way of the grill, no longer using frozen, pre-packaged meats as it did before. Now, the Grille is offering fresh, hand pattied burgers, made to order grilled cheese, and even speciality sandwiches like grilled chicken.

This is a big deal to members of the Cafe, including Becky Wright, who stated, “I wouldn’t even mind standing in line for a few extra minutes if I was getting a fresh, good sandwich.”  Wright, who oversees all of the Cafe operations for Sodexo, believes this is a much better option than having 50 patties cooked at once and then sit under a heat lamp for an extended period of time.

Some students tend to argue that the fresh meat tends to taste better. Freshman Jon Evans, an avid burger devourer, says, “These burgers are delicious, they are tender and I can tell they are cooked to order.”

The grill is not the only new option added to the Cafe, in the near future the Cafe will be adding more soup options for when the weather gets colder and students want something to warm them up.

Also, 1-2 times a week they are opening “Just in Time” which is a “cook to order stir fry/pasta station” where students walk through and pick what they would like, similar to the deli station says Wright.

If none of these options appease your appetite, or you just simply miss Mom’s home cooking, feel free to meet with Becky, and she will try to accommodate the recipe into one of their upcoming meals. The Cafe is always open for suggestions, just as they are planning on bringing salads back as a meal equivalency to The Hive.

To make a suggestion either email Becky, bwright@defiance.edu or fill out one of the suggestion cards at the entrance of the cafe.

Whether you are a picky eater, or someone who eats whatever is in front of you, the cafe is willing to attempt to make you happy.

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