October Date

-Emily Denhard

Love is a beautiful thing to experience and for many of us, we have a significant other. Now let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to go on a date? It’s a chance to create new memories and go on a new adventure with someone you know whether you just met or have been together for some time.

Unfortunately there is a major problem, we are broke college students. However, with a little bit of creativity you can plan a great date, that doesn’t involve going to the movies again, for $10 or less!

It is now October and that means that fall is in full bloom. With that being said, it is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the scent and feeling of fall before the frigid winter weather sets in. A perfect date exists in the open air, rather than inside a building.

Just fifteen minutes away from Defiance College is a place called Leaders Farms. The farm has a lot of commercial attractions and activities such as, a corn maze, 9 hole putt-putt golf, ziplines, and they offer hayrides for only $3 per person. Not only are the hayrides inexpensive but it offers friends and couples a chance to relax and connect while taking a ride through a scenic farm.

Once it’s dark, the farm offers a haunted corn maze, known as ScreamAcres, and a haunted house, known as the Pandemonium Project. The farm is located one mile west of Napoleon, OH, and south off State Route 24 onto Township Road 16. They are the only farm on the east side of the road.

However if you don’t have a car to drive to Leaders Farm there is still a perfect fall date for you. Pumpkin painting or carving is a popular activity that involves a little creativity and minimal costs.

Walmart sells small pumpkins and paints for just a few dollars. Whether you want to carve or paint, Google can provide you with never-ending patterns and templates.

If you decide to carve the pumpkin, take the seeds out and wash and dry them. Then lay them on a baking pan and sprinkle them with olive oil and sea salt. Finally, bake them in the oven for about seven to ten minutes at 375 degrees. This makes for an easy delicious snack while you both are carving the pumpkin.

The idea behind these simple fall outings reminds couples that dates don’t have to be elaborate and expensive but rather being happy and having a good time with someone you care about.

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