Whisper, What’s Your Secret?

-Marissa Bramble

(Defiance, Oh) Whisper is the latest, greatest app to make its way onto the Defiance College campus. Something about being able to appear anonymous to peers has really spiked the interest in many of the students on this campus!

What has got Defiance College students going crazy over this app? It could be the fact that it is a great place to share secrets with the world, or more specifically, with the people around you.

Maybe it’s the thrill of having a juicy enough secret that it could end up on the popular page for millions to see. Even better yet, it could be the fact that you can finally get whatever you want off your chest and not feel vulnerable because your name isn’t attached to a possibly embarrassing secret.

Whisper is an app that gives the user an anonymous username that the user can change whenever they would like and as many times as they would like. This app also allows people to heart your whisper, reply to your whisper, or even private message you directly.

How could it possibly be anonymous when others can private message you? Well, the user names are anonymous and there are no profile pictures so the only way the other person is going to know anything about you is by sending them a picture or revealing any other personal information about yourself.

Another cool thing about Whisper is that it is not like any other social networking site when it comes to posting a status or your secret. When you go to post a secret, after you have typed out what you said the app will take key words from your secret and match it to a picture that best describes it.

If you do not like that picture as the background you can either chose a new one from the set they give you or choose one from the gallery on your phone. To top it off, you can also change the font on the secret so that way it fits best to the background and your secret the way you want it to.

So there’s the low down on the newest app making its way onto the Defiance College campus. No more scribbling down gossip and secrets on the bathroom stalls! It’s now more simple than ever to express how number 33 on the football team has a cute butt, or how you have been obsessed with pickles for the last week, or even that you think you’re pregnant but don’t know how to tell your parents. Now tell us, what’s your secret?

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