Finals Week

-Zach Bires

(Defiance, OH) Finals week, the week that every student dreads. Multiple tests means huge amounts of stress on students due to the weight these tests have on their grades. This can cause long sleepless nights, restlessness, and a huge amount of stress.

For freshman this can be even more of a haunting task than for those who have taken college finals before, but, have no fear, because two upperclassmen are willing to offer tips of advice on how to tackle this daunting task.

Sophomore Tory Savage has been through the finals stress, and this year will face a new challenge of having to take finals a week early because of the McMaster School’s trip to Belize. Tory feels that the best way to conquer finals is preparation. Cramming for finals never works and studying a little bit every day will make you feel confident going into the exam that you have prepared yourself as much as possible.

Junior Katie Haydett also agrees with Tory, saying preparation is key, but not to focus on every little detail. Most professors are looking to see if you, as a student, have grasped the main concepts of the course.

Both agree that waiting until the last minute is something that isn’t helpful at all. By not doing this, it allows the student to get enough sleep so they feel rested.

Tory Savage also has a superstition of using peppermints or chewing gum during a final, because peppermint helps stimulate the brain and increase focus.

Another option students can use is things like flash cards or creating games to help them better remember the material. Studying does not always have to be boring!

“A final tip of advice is that once the final comes, you cannot change how much you have prepared, so go out there and kill it,” says Tory Savage.
When interviewing freshman Israel Martinez, he says, “I plan on trying to study a little bit every night building up to my final, and also getting an adequate amount of sleep. Also, to make sure that I am awake, I am going to try and eat before all my finals.”

Whatever your plans are for studying, these tips can help in the long run. Good luck on finals!

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