Reflection of the First Semester: Freshman

-Jared Feffer

(Defiance, OH) The first semester has slowly come to an end at Defiance College. The academic year has been a busy one with many new classes and events being brought to campus.

Many students were asked what they liked about the semester, what their favorite event(s) were on, and if there was anything they disliked or thought could be improved on campus.

Jeremy Koerber really likes the library and how the teachers are available to help you with any assignment questions he may have. Koerber also enjoys how all the freshmen get along with one another. His favorite class was Life and Society.

However, his least favorite classes were World Issues and Foundations of Academic Inquiry. A few events that Koerber enjoyed on campus were Humans vs. Zombies and the different Intramural Sports.

Anthony Ewing also disliked Academic Inquiry and World Issues, but said he enjoyed his Leadership/Life Learning and Intro to Business classes. Ewing also dislikes the required study tables but enjoys the resources available in the library. Ewing added he prefers the Hive food over the cafeteria food. His favorite event on campus was intramural basketball.

Savante Perry enjoyed the Hive and football along with the brotherhood that developed within the team. Perry’s favorite event was the foam party that occurred during welcome week, however, he disliked his Writing Workshop class.

Juniors Amber Moomey and Beth Pienoski felt the semester was tough because of some of the challenging class they took, but enjoyed the company of their friends who helped them through the semester.

Zach Bires felt the semester was a lot easier than he expected because the professors helped to make the transition to college easy.

Israel Martinez likes how everyone on campus gets along and how the teachers are available to help with assignments. He enjoyed the foam party but he disliked some of the core classes.

Greg Ward Jr. liked meeting new people of many different places and playing football. His favorite event was the foam party.

Alex Keith enjoyed scoring goals in soccer and making new friends, but Alex had a strong dislike for his Academic Inquiry class.

Zoe Smith enjoyed the overall college experience and living with a roommate. Smith’s favorite event was the carnival.

Evan Henry did not think there were many assignments in his classes and felt the semester ran very smoothly. He enjoyed fall lacrosse and going to volleyball games.

Kolton Davis enjoyed meeting new people and going to his classes. He enjoyed football and Humans vs. Zombies, however, he disliked the breakfast at the cafeteria.

Rebekkah Slob enjoyed going to the football and basketball games and meeting new people. Her favorite event was welcome week.

Calli Bauer enjoyed the dorm life and the family like atmosphere that came with it. Bauer enjoyed the performance by Comedian Jay Black but disliked some of the core classes that had nothing to do with her major.

Jacob Vicic liked the independence of college and seeing people every day. He also enjoys the small class sizes and the city of Defiance. His favorite event was the foam party.

Josbel Rodriguez enjoyed meeting new people and making friends. Kaity Kuhn also enjoyed meeting new people and liked her first semester schedule. Kuhn’s favorite event was the carnival during welcome week.

With many great freshman memories being made the first semester, the class of 2018 looks forward to returning for their second semester.  

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