Shave the Stache benefits Tanzania

-Jared Feffer

You may have noticed flyers around campus with the quote “Shave the Stache.” Do you wonder what these flyers stand for and what purpose they serve?

In October a campaign called “Shave the Stache” was started by the McMaster School’s Tanzania learning community in an effort to raising $15,000 for equipment which would provide clean water and better access to water for the citizens of Tanzania. Of the money raised, 100% is  going to help the citizens of Tanzania.

If the goal of $15,000 is met, President Gordon has agreed to shave his mustache for the 2015 graduation. Dava Donaldson provided more information in an interview about the campaign and how citizens in Tanzania depend on clean water.

The majority of the water in Tanzania is unsafe for drinking due to pollution and unsanitary conditions. Due to the lack equipment and money, citizens cannot filter this water. Only from certain drinking wells is the water safe to consume.

“Children and women normally collect the water, but in most cases it is only the children who collect the water for the entire family,” Donaldson says. Due to clean water not being easily accessible many of these children must walk miles just to retrieve water from the drinking wells. Often these children are not in school because they spend their time getting clean water for their families. Recently, six people were killed by crocodiles trying to retrieve water from different sources.

The roads that must be walked are dirt roads which are unpaved and not maintained. These roads are very unsafe for children because they experience a high volume of traffic with many vehicles and busses driving through very quickly due to there not being a posted speed limit.

“Every aspect of life for the citizens of Tanzania goes back to the water,” Donaldson said. From overall health and sanitation, to education and food supplies. Many citizens in Tanzania die from waterborne illnesses because due to the consumption of unsanitary water. Many more die due to the fact that the hospitals and medications in Tanzania are not advanced like they are in the United States.

Very often the crops in the country are watered with the contaminated water which can cause the crops to be contaminated and make more people sick, or destroy the crops and leave people without food for extended periods of time.

The campaign continues with “Shave the Stache” koozies being available to purchase at the Defiance College bookstore and from Donaldson for $3.00. T-shirts were also sold the first semester and will be available to purchase again in the future.

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