Holiday Spirit is strong at Defiance College

-Jared Feffer

(Defiance, OH) With the holidays approaching quickly the sights and sounds of the holidays are upon us. Defiance College has been showing its holiday spirit by hosting a number of different holiday events at Defiance College. One of the most popular events CAB (Campus Activities Board) hosts is Holiday Explosion, an annual event since 2011.


This year’s Holiday Explosion was hosted on December 3 and had a large number of participants. This event lasted all day and consisted of many different activities. If you participated in an activity you received raffle tickets which you could have been entered into drawings for prizes such as portable phone chargers, sweatshirts, Walmart gift cards, Netflix gift cards, Beats headphones, waterproof bluetooth speakers, room bluetooth speaker, and a gift certificate to make your own glass art at Linda’s Glass located in downtown Defiance.

The first event was an ugly Christmas sweater contest in which participants wore a Christmas sweater and had their picture taken. Later, students voted on what they believed was the ugliest sweater.

The next event was called Elves vs. Reindeer. The goal of the game was to capture the reindeer if you were an elf. If you were a reindeer the goal was to avoid the elves and be the last reindeer standing. The game was very similar to Humans vs. Zombies which was held during homecoming week back in the fall.

During lunch bingo was held in the cafeteria and winners received homemade scarves and raffle tickets for the prize drawings.

In the evening the Serrick Campus Center came alive with many more events including different Pinterest projects, Wii games to play, pictures with Santa, and the final raffle drawings for the large prizes.

An additional chance was given to receive more raffle tickets at the balloon drop. The balloon drop consisted of balloons with papers inside them worth different numbers of tickets ranging from one to fifty tickets. These balloons were dropped from the balcony of Serrick and caught by students who then popped them to receive the paper(s) inside.

Also this year a new event was introduced on campus. The first annual White Elephant Gift exchange was held in the McReynolds Hall lobby on December 4. Participants brought a gift worth less than $5 and received one in return. There was also a popcorn machine brought to the lobby along with other food and drinks.

This event was very successful and had forty eight people attend and thirty four of them exchanged gifts. Nathan Height created the event along with help from the other resident assistants and they thought it would be a fun and cheap way for the halls in McReynolds to come together during the holidays.


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