Yellow Jackets Swarm The Big Apple

-Nathan Height

(New York, NY) On the early morning of March 20th, a group of fifty-one students and five faculty members travelled to New York City to experience a weekend of museums, national landmarks and culture The City that Never Sleeps has to offer.

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Upon arrival, the group was taken by subway to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where students got the opportunity to peruse some of the world’s most famous masterpieces, including works by Van Gogh, El Greco, and Picasso. Students marveled at the exhibits, collectively conversing both the monetary and intrinsic value that one of the world’s most extensive art museums has to offer.

Freshman Hayley Paulson illustrated her experience by stating, “Going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was really a unique experience. I am no artist myself, but just seeing how art changes based on time period and location was really fascinating. I found the Egyptian exhibits to be breathtaking just due to the sheer size of some of the tombs on display.”

Following the museum tour, the group of students were led by New York native President Gordon and visited several iconic landmarks across the city including Central Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, and New York’s 5th Avenue. Students then collectively explored the variety of quality restaurants Manhattan has to offer before becoming immersed in the Arts by viewing the Broadway Musical Les Miserables at New York’s Imperial Theatre. After the world-class performance, the group of Yellow Jackets topped off the night by heading to Lindy’s Restaurant for their world famous cheesecake.

Following a much needed night of rest, students gathered early in the morning to travel to the American Museum of Natural History to view iconic exhibits such as Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Moai Cast, Capuchin Monkey, and the Tyrannosaurus rex, all of which were characters featured in the hit box-office film Night at the Museum.

Afterwards students participated in a walking tour of Lower Manhattan visiting and learning the history behind landmarks such as the World Trade Center Memorial, Trinity Church, Wall Street, and Federal Hall.

Finally the trip concluded with a Staten Island Ferry tour, followed by a family-style dinner in China Town’s Amazing 66, gelato at Little Italy’s Ferrara’s, and a visit to arguably one of New York’s most famous attractions, The Empire State Building. After travelling to the 86th floor, students got the opportunity to view the New York skyline from the fourth-tallest completed skyscraper in the United States.

Junior Cormack Lazarus offered this on his Empire State Building experience with Defiance College. “Looking out over New York city from the 86th floor of the Empire State building gave me an incredible rush. Unfortunately, no picture could adequately capture what I witnessed with my own eyes: the beauty of NYC at night, all lit up. Being there was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.”

Afterwards, students packed on the bus and made the eleven hour trip back to Defiance, Ohio with a greater appreciation for what our nation’s former capital has to offer.

Freshman Kayleigh Vicknair summed up the weekend by stating, “The trip to New York was an amazing experience. Not only was I able to visit a diverse and versatile city, I  also got to share my experience with my classmates who were just as excited to be there.  By Defiance College offering the opportunity to travel domestically, it shows that they really care about the students.”

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