Student Club & Organization Fair: Review

– Mackenzie Durdak (Defiance, OH)

This Thursday, Defiance College held its annual Student Club and Organization Fair to advertise the different clubs offered on campus. Not only did this fair advertise the multiple groups on campus, but it also helped students find others that have similar interests and allowed for new friendships and bonds to grow. This fair also gave Yellow Jackets a chance to get to know and interact with the staff and student-leadership who often provide valuable guidance on the direction of clubs here at DC, which gives our campus a chance to collectively communicate together as a community. Interactions such as these are what separate Defiance College from larger, more closed off universities.

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To begin, a lot of the clubs here at DC combine more than one interest. For example, Alyssa Turton who represented the Video Club at the fair gave us an inside scope of what the club is about.

“Every week [the video club] releases videos of athletes and takes them behind the scene to get to know them and hear about how their career is going here at Defiance College. Not only does this combine visual arts and sports, but it also allows us to continually get to know everyone better here. This club also puts out other videos you would see on campus such as: the dorm tours, welcome week videos, or anything to promote the college.”

Defiance College also has multiple Greek Life opportunities on campus that you may like. Alpha Pi Omega is a co-ed service fraternity that provides assistance around the community and on a national level. The only social sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, also helps with assisting the community through projects such as “Autism Speaks.” Member Mallory Galloway states, “we have a philanthropy, Autism Speaks, as well as a lot of activities which allows our sisterhood to bond through social service.”  Phi Sigma Chi, the only social fraternity, also participates in various brotherhood and community events throughout the year. Currently they hold an annual fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness in October and are in the process of forming a community service partnership with the Fort Defiance Humane Society.

These clubs, as well as many others on campus, show us how Defiance College takes initiative with broadening its students’ horizons.

If any of these draw your attention, or if you are looking for a different type of club to join, Defiance College offers many more than discussed above. Here is a list of clubs that were in the organization fair that may also peak your interest.

    • Alpha Phi Omega
    • Alpha Xi Delta
    • Black Action Student Association (BASA)
    • Campus Activities Board (CAB)
    • Catholics on Campus
    • DC Cheerleaders
    • Criminal Justice Society
    • The Defender
    • Ecology Club
    • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    • Free the Slaves
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Phi Alpha Theta
    • Phi Sigma Chi
    • Project 701
    • Video Club
    • Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC)

Finally, you can check out the description of any of these clubs at However, if there are any clubs you would like to see created on campus, contact Nicole Buccalo at to discuss what you can do to represent your interest on campus!

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