Taylor’s Talk: A College Advice Column

-Taylor Haydinger (Defiance, OH)

Classes have started and things have finally begun to settle down, right? This may be the period where you find yourself having extra time between practices, class, and the occasional Netflix binge.

Initially, looking at the campus on the weekdays you might assume there is not much going on considering Defiance College is not a huge academic institution. If you do not pay attention to your DC email, you may not hear much of anything.

As a DC returner, I can say that is flat wrong.

Believe it or not, the excitement has just begun!  

Looking back, the 2015-2016 year was kicked off with Welcome Week! So many activities jammed into such a little time slot was fun, yet exhausting. That type of jampacked action makes you glad that it is only a week long, yet once the week ends you come to miss the constant level of excitement.  

Now that you find yourself in a rhythm with classes, you may want to turn up the enthusiasm back to “Welcome Week” levels! Although Defiance is a private college with a small campus, it is filled with a plethora of activities during both the day and night.  

For example, although events such as the Clubs and Organization Fair exist, sometimes the best way to find activities is to look for them! Some events are advertised through email, but often these advertisements get lost in our daily schedule.

Have you ever entered a campus restroom and read the DC Stall Talk? How about all of those flyers located on campus, have you ever stopped and taken a good look at them? Not only do these ads contain important resources you can use for classes, they also contain information on how you can get involved on the DC campus. You can find volunteer opportunities, fun activities, group meetings, and more!

With so many things to do it can be hard to balance everything. Personally, my best suggestion to narrow down your schedule. Taste test everything you are interested in! Go to a meeting to see what that club or campus organization is all about! Stop by a planned activity and see if you want to stay and participate or maybe just watch. Reach out and ask those questions! This is the best approach to take if you are not sure about where you fit in on campus!  

The best part about this “taste testing” process? If you do not have time, if you are not interested, or if you find your interests change, you do not have to continue to volunteer or attend meetings! Never feel like you are obligated to do everything you have an interest in, as that is usually just asking to be overworked and stressed.

College is that time in your life where you want to take that trip to the place you have never been, try that new organization you heard about, and meet those individuals who you can share the memories with later down the road! Sometimes these aspects are forgotten amongst the rush of classes, exams, and term papers you get in higher education.

Finally, if you do anything during your career at Defiance College- branch out and try new activities, but do not commit yourself to everything!

And remember, take time to fully appreciate the college experience and enjoy your time as a Yellow Jacket!   

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