Clown Bar: A Noir Play

-Taylor Haydinger (Defiance, OH)

Presented by the DC Players, Clown Bar is a noir play about an ex-clown named Happy who ventures back into his old life seeking revenge for his brother’s death.  Timmy, Happy’s dead brother.  Blinky, an ex lover of Happy.  Bobo, the boss of the Clown Bar who is now Blinky’s lover.  These character along with a handful of others create a drama filled play with surprises around every turn!  Starring David Brown as Happy, George Roth as Timmy, Mandie Heil as Blinky, Jake Adkins as Bobo and Shotgun, James Young as Dusty, Kristin Sorensen as Popo, Marissa Bramble as Petunia, Jennifer Repka as Giggles, and Taylor Haydinger as Twinkles.  Directed by Miriam Hahn.

Come and become a part of Clown Bar!  Coming to Defiance from November 5-7 at 8PM.  This play is ages 18 and up due to its explicit language.  Obtain your tickets here:
Hurry!  Seats will go fast!

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