From The Archives: Home Economics Class, 1929?

This photo was just donated to the Archives in the last few days.
It’s of a Home Economics laboratory class at DC, probably in 1929.
DC’s Home Ec course listings in the 1929/30 catalog included sewing,
cooking, child care, and homemaking classes, and the students also had
to take biology and chemistry courses.The students standing on the left are at various stages of cooking
something.  Notice the early electric toaster on the table in front of
the student on the far left.

We originally thought this picture of the Home Ec lab was taken on the
top floor of Trowbridge Hall, the women’s dormitory, where the
college’s dining hall was located.  But I also found a reference to
the Home Ec department being in Weston Hall, so we aren’t sure which
of the two buildings this lab was located.

 From Barb Sedlock, Archival Librarian

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