Stone Soup

On October 6th, the Arts and Humanities departments hosted its “Stone Soup” event, which is hosted annually. The event consisted of food, intellectual conversations, and drinks. The turnout for
such a small event and space was pretty large for the maximum of people being in the space at once being about fifteen people. Students and staff alike were satisfied with the company and to share thoughts with one another while enjoying great food.

The soup made by Professor MC Harper was simply amazing, a sentiment stated by students and staff alike, consisting of all sorts of veggie goodness. MC put a lot of effort into the main dish and “Thank you MC!” echoed off the walls and were distributed appropriately. Professor Todd Comer slaved his way through his own kitchen the previous day of the event as well, to bring to the event chocolate chip cookies and a mystery nutty kind that did not survive the event as intended.

The conversations at such an event being deep is one of the best parts, which you will get with a
Arts and Humanities event. Thoughts flew through the air and burrowed through students and staff
after filling up on soup and cookies. Ideas and thoughts jumping back and forth. From talk of film,
adapting book to film, and ideas of how to engage students interest in subjects. The conversations being one of the reasons you would attend, were educational and useful for students working on their degrees in these fields.

These events are good for students to meet others in the same field of study and to meet the Professors you will be working with to achieve your goals and should consider attending future events to receive such great knowledge from the Professors that work for The Defiance College.

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