Super Bowl LI in The Hive!

The Super Bowl is upon us once again! This year’s Super Bowl is a bit of an

unexpected one when it comes to one of the teams involved. The Atlanta Falcons have

had one other Super Bowl appearance and they are about to face off against the team

with the most Super Bowl appearances in history, the New England Patriots. The

Patriots have been a part of 4 out of the last 10 Super Bowls, while Atlanta’s only

appearance was in 1999. The big question is; can Atlanta pull out the upset over New

England? While a lot of students will be watching in their dorms and houses,

Falcons and Patriots fans alike are encouraged to come together on Sunday in the Hive for

a watch party! There will be free food and even some raffles and prizes! It’s a great way

for students to come together and enjoy the game. Bring yourself, your friends, stay as

long as you’d like, but be in the Hive at 6:30 on Sunday!

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