Remembering 9/11

16 years ago today, 4 terrorist attacks caused the deaths of 2,997 people on American soil and left over 6,000 others injured. 9/11 has become a day of mourning for so many throughout the United States. 9/11 has become a day of remembrance for the brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and family who lost their lives that day.

19 hijackers from the terrorist group al-Qaeda took control of four American planes that were headed for Canada. Two planes were crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center, one plane was crashed into a field, and the last plane crashed into the Pentagon. Following the attacks, al-Qaeda quickly fell under suspicion of the attacks with leader Osama bin Laden eventually taking credit for the attacks in 2004. In May of 2011, SEAL team six located and killed bin Laden after he had been in hiding for almost a decade. 9/11 witnessed the death of over 343 firefighters and 72 law-enforcement officers.

Defiance College freshman Jennifer Nashalsky (Hilliard, OH) explains how her family was affected by the tragic events of that day. Jennifer’s younger sister, Robyn, who was born shortly after the attacks, was named after a family friend who had been a first responder to the attacks and unfortunately did not survive. His name was Robert and her family makes sure to honor him around this time every year at the 9/11 memorial in Hilliard, leaving flowers by his name.

So today, hold your family a little tighter, hold your friends a little closer, and keep strangers in your heart. Today is a day to remember what it means to be an American and what it means to love thy neighbor. Thank a cop, thank a firefighter, thank those who spend their lives giving to others. Thank your parents, thank your teachers, thank your coaches. Be grateful to those who lend a hand and be grateful to be here today. Think about the lives lost and think of those who were affected by this terrible event. Be proud to be an American today for we are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Written by Jordan Osborne

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