The New and Improved Hive!

Can you believe that within just a few short years, The Hive has gone from something to nothing at all to bigger and better than ever before?! For some, now is all you know, but for others, particularly upperclassmen, change has been a beautiful thing. Now, aside from the everyday café food, Dominos, and Biggby, Defiance College faculty, staff, and students can enjoy a delicious variety of handcrafted burgers and other entrees. Not only that, but 41 North, a coffee shop within The Hive, offers an assortment of frozen, iced, and hot beverages to please the palate that are, in the expressed opinions of MANY across campus, better than Biggby! Have you stopped in to give them a try?

A part of the overall experience is the privilege of interacting with and getting to know some, if not all, of the fun, personable, and friendly staff that whip up what you need. Jasmine (pictured left) and John (pictured right) are two staff members who enjoy their jobs. Favorite aspects of the job include the variety of things they get to do so it’s not mundane as well as the overall positive environment, atmosphere, attitude, and energy of the students, but what about beyond work? Getting to know someone is more than just about what they know and like about you. If you’d ever like to surprise one of them with their own supply, here’s a little secret. Jasmine adores the Green Teazy Frozenta, and John dreams about the mozzarella sticks. If you ever catch either of them outside of The Hive, chances are Jasmine is working on music or photography, and John is probably playing video games.

With The Hive being so popular, the staff gets to be an impacting part of campus life on a daily basis. Whether it’s by making someone smile with a nice comment, laugh with a funny one, or with simply amazing skills behind the counter, Jasmine and John are prime examples of what it means to embody and enjoy a life experience and to leave an impact where they are. I encourage you to stop in and not only enjoy a pleasant meal or snack, but get to know some of the cool people you have the opportunity to be around daily and who work so hard to create that inviting atmosphere that keeps calling you back.

Written by Nate Hicks

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