Upcoming Events With The English Department

Written by: Elizabeth Patrick

Just like the many other departments here on the Defiance College campus, the English department hosts a wide variety of different campus wide events.

The English Department has four main events coming up including DC English Book Club, English Tea, Trunk-Or-Treat, and NaNoWriMo.

The first event coming up is the DC English Book Club which will be hosting a meeting on October 19, 2021, from 3:30-4:30 pm in Serrick room 216. They are reading Into The Woods by Jon Krakauer.

DC book club is perfect for students who love reading, are looking for a campus activity that fits their unique interests, and want to earn fresh ways of earning jacket points. If these spark your interest then the DC English Book Club is the organization for you.

The DC English Department offers a book club that is open to all current DC students. The book club meets twice a month to discuss books, gain new insights and perspectives, and practice conversation and leadership skills in a fun, friendly environment.

One of the best things about this club is that the students have a vote and say in what books the club reads. At the meetings, each month students are encouraged to suggest book titles, vote on book themes, genres, and have the opportunity to lead as discussion facilitators. If you are interested and would like more information please contact Professor Agler at aagler@defiance.edu 

The next event that is coming up in the English Department is English Tea on October 27, 2021, from 1:00 pm -2:00 pm. At this event, students will have the opportunity to meet our special guest: Professor John-Whittier-Ferguson from the University of Michigan.

At this meeting, Dr. Whittier-Ferguson will be talking a little bit about his passion for literature and why we read. If interested, RSVP to Dr.Engler at sengel@defiance.edu 

The English Department meets monthly to share some tea and snacks, talk with an interesting person about reading, writing, and other English-y things.

Later in the month on October 28, 2021, the English Department will be at the Trunk-Or-Treat with a Dracula-inspired setup. Come on out and see the English Department as well as all of the creative participants.

One of the English Department’s main events during the school year is NaNoWriMo which takes place the whole month of November. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and takes place November 1-30.

In celebration of this, the English Department will be hosting its second annual audacious attempt to write a novel in 30 days. All DC students are invited to set a goal and write every day to meet their goals. The English Department will offer encouragement, tips, and a little NaNoWriMo swag to get you going. If interested reach out to Dr.Engel for more information at sengel@defiance.edu 

The Department is made up of four faculty members. These four faculty members include Dr. Engel, The Director of Composition, Professor Green, Lecturer of English Professor Agler, and Professor Thierry, Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Professor of English and Clinical Supervisor of Field Placement.

The English Department offers courses in writing, literature, and language. There is a new English writing minor as well. To find out more, check out their English Department website at https://englishwonder.wordpress.com/

The reasoning behind hosting a wide variety of different events is to share their love of language, the joy of stories, and the power of community with students.

The English Department prides itself on innovative teaching, personal connections, and working with students to read the world’s great stories and to acquire the skills to write their own.

To wrap it up, the English Department is looking forward to seeing as many students as possible at the upcoming events. 

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