National Greasy Food Day

Written by: Emily Vargo

Monday, October 25, 2021, is a special day for those who love greasy food.

This day is also extra special to me for a sad but amazing reason. As you will notice, this article is a bit different from my other articles. On Sunday. October 17, 2021, heaven gained another person. This angel was my grandpa, who was a lover of all forms of greasy food. The greasier, the better.

Now greasy food isn’t the healthiest of food, but it sure is the tastiest. It’s always a nice treat to have something greasy like pizza, fried chicken, or a massive plate of nachos to indulge in once in a while.

There isn’t much information about this national day, but it’s something fun to have, and let’s face it, it’s an excuse to eat something delicious.

My grandpa that I mentioned early is my grandpa by choice, not by blood. My mom is a nurse aide at a nursing home. Nine years ago, I met an amazing, funny resident who loved to cause a ruckus. He has been my grandpa since then.

He has watched me grow up, followed my running and cheerleading journey, watched me start high school, gave me tips on how to pass my drivers test, was absolutely excited to see all of my college acceptance letters, watched me graduate high school, and enjoyed hearing my accomplishments in college.

Through the years, he always gave me life advice and treated me like a grandchild. Even though we were not blood, we were family. He loved his family, but he sure did love his greasy food.

His favorite greasy food was Five Guys fries, and my family and I made sure he had his fries before he left this wonderful world.

Growing up, I always heard stories about my other grandpa, Grandpa Vargo. He sadly passed away before I was born, but he was also notorious for his greasy food. Grandpa Vargo, unfortunately, had cancer and had to undergo major surgery. When he woke up, he wanted the biggest, juiciest, greasy, dripping off your elbows, burger, and fries, the nurse could find. When he was told “No,” he asked for green jello. Now whenever someone we know has surgery, we always have green jello.

Even though October 25, 2021, is national greasy food day, it is also a day that I will honor my grandpas by getting whatever greasy food I can get.

Enjoy this day by cherishing your favorite greasy foods, cherishing those who are most dear to you.

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