Ask Buzz

By: Mallory Timbrock

Dear Buzz, 

It’s my turn to pick date night with my boyfriend. Where should we go? Remember, we’re on a college budget.

-from Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, 

If you and your boyfriend like semi-dangerous dates, I recommend The Eager Beaver AxeHole! It’s in Defiance and only 6 miles from campus! Don’t forget your ID if you go because you have to be 18 to enter. Due to the fact, I am an insect and can’t lift an axe, I haven’t gone, but my fellow bugs have been flies on the wall, and they enjoy it. If you’re going on a date with a fellow insect (we’re great and in it for the long run), I recommend walking through the garden centers at any of the local stores. Nothing makes a Yellow Jacket, or any bug, happier than the smell of flowers and springtime. If you and your partner prefer more lowkey and romantic dates, Stefano’s in town is a popular and inexpensive Italian restaurant calling your name.


Dear Buzz,

I’m a commuter student, and I miss out on a lot of campus socializing. How can I make friends?

Dear Commuter,

First off, I am so happy to love DC enough to drive, or walk, here every day! As for making friends, put yourself out there during class! Sit next to new people, talk to them, and get to know them. If they seem like your kind of person, ask if you can hang out with them. If they’re a kind person (like all DC students), then they’ll want to hang out with you too! Or, if you want to make friends with fellow commuters, hang out in the commuter lounge in between classes. The lounge’s decor may be stuck in the 70s, but the people who show up are awesome. (Just make sure you don’t take their food from the mini-fridge. They might throw hands.) DC is a small campus full of wonderful people; I’m sure you’ll find some friends soon. If you don’t, then join the Defender Newspaper! The writers there will add you to their squad. If they don’t, they’ll meet my stinger!


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