Pool Tournament

By: Hannah Feldman

On Thursday, January 19th, an intramural eight-ball pool tournament was held on campus to kick off intramurals for the 2023 Spring semester. Three teams competed in the lobby of McReynolds hall for the title of best 8-ball players on campus.

The tournament accepted teams through email leading up to the day before the tournament. Teams consisted of Blake Bowman and Ryan Ahmed playing on “The Second Floor”, Shaun Hudson and Paige Roholoff playing on the “Socket Pockets”, and Zakary Klopfenstein and Zachary Centerbury playing on “CB#1”.

The tournament started with an elimination bracket with The Second Floor playing CB#1, CB#1 won this match. The second game was The Socket Pockets against The Second Floor; with the Second Floor winning this round, they stayed in the bracket. Game three was the Socket Pockets playing the lead with no losses CB#1. Though it was a close game, CB#1 came out on top, winning the tournament.

The final standing of the tournament was CB#1 with two wins and no losses, The Second Floor with one win and one loss, and Socket Pockets with a rough night walking away with two losses.

Overall the eight-ball pool tournament was a fun night spent taking a normal pass-time game to a new level on campus. We encourage you to try an intramural tournament or sport while on campus. Intramurals are hosted at random times to help with campus involvement and to help students try new activities, and they are open to all DC students living on or off campus full or part-time as well.

If you have any ideas for more intramural activities, you can reach out to Hailey Krawczyk through email to help with campus involvement, also, keep checking your email to keep up to date on when activities are.

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