Book Review: A Walk to Remember

By: Hanna Young

A Walk to Remember by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Nicholas Sparks, not just tugs, but yanks on the reader’s heartstrings. The story starts off in 1998 in Beaufort, North Carolina, then the book flashes back forty years to 1958. The love that the two main characters share is a major part that the reader keeps reading.

The town of Beaufort puts on a Christmas play every single year; however, it is not the typical A Christmas Carol; this one was written by Hegbert Sullivan the minister at one of the churches in town. Every year the high school puts on this play when Landon Carter is cast as one of the main characters, he starts to spend more and more time around Jamie Sullivan. The more time Landon spends around Jamie, the more, she teaches him about humanity. The depths of the human heart go deeper than what Landon could have ever imagined. Jamie also teaches him one of the biggest lessons yet, the joy and pain of living in this world.

This book truly is a tear-jerker; the character growth that Landon finds in this book is truly amazing. Even through some of the toughest adversities, he maintains everything that Jamie taught him. The ending drives me nuts every time; I hate that there is no complete conclusion, and there is room to kind of interpret the ending.

Overall, I give this book a 4/5. This book was truly a tearjerker, and there are many lessons that can be learned throughout its pages.

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