Wednesday (episode 1)

By: Mallory Timbrock

Director: Tim Burton

Where to watch: Netflix

Best Quote: “If you’re to gossip about me, at least spell my name correctly.”

Let’s get one thing straight, Wednesday Addams is an absolute QUEEN. From the first scene, she had viewers hypnotized. The outfit, the hair, and her deadpan voice are absolutely perfect. She is an inspiration, but you should probably take her actions with a grain of salt (especially regarding piranhas and men.) After the water polo team bullied Pugsley, Wednesday got her revenge. “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rein,” which translates to “No Regrets,” was a perfect piece to back her up. Iconic. 

As for the casting, Jenna Ortega was the perfect woman to play Wednesday. If you saw interviews, she admitted she never blinked when the camera was on her. Talk about dedication. Luis Guzman played Gomez Addams, and he rocked. Gomez is 10000% dad goals. The weak link of the cast was Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams. She was not the supportive mother she was supposed to be, and Zeta-Jones’s attitude as the Addams matriarch fell flat. The young lady who played Enid, Wednesday’s roommate, is a rainbow personified. Emma Myers did a fantastic job playing Wednesday’s future best friend. If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift (and you should be), the lyric from her newest album, “Midnights,” says, “he was sunshine; I was midnight rain,” which describes their relationship perfectly. The main star of the cast, however, was Thing (give him a hand, everyone. That was a funny joke, please laugh.) Thing has so much personality and expresses it wonderfully. Especially considering he doesn’t speak with words. His sign language skills are on point. The show, as a whole, has an interesting sense of humor. The stoner jokes to match the Gorgons? Hilarious. Wednesday playing dead, and the mortician saying she had entered rigor mortis? Iconic. 

If you still need to watch Wednesday, you need to ASAP. You’re really missing out. The casting, plot, and soundtrack are phenomenal (I’m still jamming to Vivaldi’s “Winter.”)

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