Senior Spotlight: Desire Walker

By: Caia Bevins

Desire is a Senior here at Defiance College and is a self-design major in
Business Administration and Music. When I asked her about the combination, she talked about her future goals in life. When asked to describe herself in one word, she said ‘goal-oriented,’ which became abundantly clear as we continued to talk. While discussing her career goals, she said she wants to start her own business, design her own clothing line, and eventually produce music. Her goal is to someday own multiple businesses and have a diverse income in order to give back to all the people and institutions that helped her make it to that point. Desire talked a lot about her family and how they had really impacted her career decisions.

Beyond her academics, Desire is involved in Choir and the Defiance College Cheerleading Team. While she loves both, cheer seemed to be what she was most passionate about. She told me about her growth from just being on the team her Freshman year to really leading and being a mentor her Senior year. She also said that her view on cheer has really changed over the last several years and that now it’s really about “building the girls up and making them better as people and make it almost like a sisterhood.”

She went on to say that she wants them “to be able to take away those friends that they made on the cheer team after college and know that they’ll always be there for each other.” Ultimately, she wants “them to get the best results and be able to grow from the experience.” Desire also said that she would love to teach cheer someday in addition to her other career goals. She said that cheer had given her so much, and she wanted to give back to the program, no matter where she was at the time.

When I asked her what her most significant accomplishment was, she simply said making it this far and being able to be successful. She also pointed to becoming the leader of the cheer team here at Defiance College, as well as just developing into a better person throughout her four years here. To finish the interview, I asked her to say a final farewell to the students, faculty, and staff here at Defiance College. She said, “While you’re there, make a change. Instead of complaining about a situation, be the person who fixes and makes the change. Don’t put it on other people to make the change, do it yourself. While you’re here, make the best of it. For the students, go to class, do your homework, study, because there will always be another party. Just take advantage of the opportunities that you have in front of you. Make the best of each situation and call your parents. Call your family. As you get older, appreciate the people who brought you up in this world because there may come a time when you can help them.”

Don’t forget to come to graduation in the spring to congratulate Desire and her fellow classmates, and if you’re looking for a super easy gift, I heard from a very reliable source that her favorite candy is Reese’s.

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