Senior Spotlight: Seth Majewski

By: Caia Bevins

Seth Majewski has spent the last four years here at Defiance College studying Exercise Science. While he didn’t necessarily know what he wanted to do with it, he knew that he wanted to do something related to sports because that is what he is passionate about. While he was talking about wrestling, the sport he’s involved in on campus, he pointed to how much he loved working with the younger athletes and helping them grow as wrestlers as well as people. He said that it really brought him joy to see them thrive. Later in the interview, he also mentioned how he would love to coach wrestling someday as a way of giving back to the sport and all that it gave him.

Seth said that his college experience not only helped him grow academically and as an athlete, but just as a person in general. He said that college helped him become a more outgoing person who is willing to try new things and push himself. He said that if he could give freshman advice, it would be to just “have fun because it doesn’t last. You can’t get a do-over, so just have fun while you can. And don’t wait till the last minute to do your homework. I’ve made that mistake a lot of times; even with all the free time, still don’t wait until the last minute. Doing it sooner is better than doing it later.”

He also said that college is “where you’ll meet your life-long friends.” He said that he rarely talked with his friends from high school, but talked to his friends from college every single day, even over the summer. Seth said that he believed that the friends that he’s made over the last four years will be the people that he still spends time with twenty years from now.

In terms of future goals, he wants to someday be a physical therapist, or at least in something related to sports, especially at the collegiate or professional level. Ultimately, he just wants to do well and be successful in whatever he ends up in. Seth also said that he wouldn’t change anything over the last four years, and everything that he has done had led to an opportunity or a connection that made him a better person.

As a final farewell to everyone on campus, he said, “Just go to everything because that’s how you’re going to make your friends and make your memories because if not, you’re going to look back on college and regret the things you wish you could have done.”

As always, come out and support Seth and all the other graduates at the May graduation!

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