Being Thankful is not a bad idea!

By: David Heidelburg

First thing in the morning, you wake up, and everyone wakes up differently. Routines differ from person to person, rather it is waking up, making your bed, waking up and brushing your teeth, or waking up and eating breakfast. It is all different, but in common, there is a keyword or words that you see, and you woke up. That is already something that we should all be thankful for when we wake up because a lot of individuals didn’t.

I myself can sometimes be guilty about not being thankful for waking up, meaning in the world that we live in we are always drawn first to what is wrong or what is not right or what we have or don’t have. But have you ever tried to reverse it? Have you ever tried to find the things in life that you do have and are thankful for? Of course, we are human, we are not perfect in any way, shape, or form, but just a little change to a routine can sometimes make a difference. Ways of working on being thankful can differ from person to person.

Maybe ask yourself, how am I better than what I was yesterday, what opportunities do I have that others don’t have, this can range differently from person to person, but finding out what helps you best to try and find some positives in life especially as the days go on can be helpful. The reality of life is that tomorrow is never promised to anyone. If you can take some type of advice that I have given you, just remember that the small details in life can be special. We as humans are not always going to like everything that we do, but if you can find just a sprinkle of good in it that benefits you, then try to find it.

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