Meet President Mankey

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to our 19th President and first female president of the college, Dr. Richanne Mankey. In January, she started her eighth year at Defiance College. She was elected the president in the fall of 2015. She felt an “essence” during her interview at the college. She loves that the people at the college are serving the students and are dedicated to them and their success. Her favorite part about working at Defiance College is all of the people, including the students, faculty, staff, and trustees. Growing up Dr. Mankey lived in Tiffin, Ohio. She came to Defiance, Ohio from Buffalo, New York.

President Mankey went to Ohio Northern University for her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She also finished her Sociology degree in her post-graduate studies. After attending Ohio Northern University, she attended the University of Dayton for her Master of Science in Education with a focus in Counseling. Lastly, President Mankey attended Teachers College at Columbia University for her Doctor of Education in the Organization and Leadership AEGIS program.

Growing up President Mankey always looked up to Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I was born in 1533. Then she ascended to the throne in 1558. Dr. Mankey states that “when she assumed the throne and was successful in a male-dominated world by being diplomatic and by living the values she held.” Some of President Mankey’s hobbies include home renovation. Dr. Mankey and her husband like to buy an older home and fix it up. If President Mankey could travel anywhere in the world she would want to go to New Zealand. She stated that “I have a high school exchange sister on the North Island, and I would take any opportunity to see her and her family again.” Her favorite animal is an owl because it symbolizes wisdom. 

Some questions about advice were asked to President Mankey. Some advice that President Mankey wanted to share with college students is “No matter whether or not you like the class, activity, or event, find at least ONE thing you can learn from each experience. I would also say that finishing (at least) the bachelor’s degree is important, and something that you will appreciate having completed as your life journey unfolds.” President Mankey was asked for her own definition of success. She states that “You can only lead from who you are and when you have the confidence to do that it facilitates being able to engage others in important discussions around problem-solving and ideas that help to improve the human condition whether an organization, family, or community.”

President Mankey left me with one piece of inspirational advice to share with everyone. An African proverb that has always inspired President Mankey is If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. 

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