Interesting Facts About Tacos

By: Elizabeth Patrick

Did you know that “Fun Facts About Tacos That You Probably Never Knew” states that “According to, Americans are eating billions of tacos every year, 4.5 billion to be more specific?” Americans love Taco Bell and around half of the U.S. population will visit a Taco Bell once every eleven days. Another interesting fact is that Taco Bell actually started as a burger chain in 1954 and changed to selling tacos because they were located in a Hispanic neighborhood.

Tacos have been around for hundreds of years, and the biggest taco ever made was on November 20th, 2011, in Queretaro, Mexico. This taco was an amazing 246 feet long and was made with carnitas as the filling. Every year, national Taco Day is celebrated on October 4th. In 1966, the first taco truck originated in New York, and it didn’t have a full kitchen but was mainly used for catering.

Another interesting fact is that according to “Fun Facts About Tacos That You Probably Never Knew” states, “According to Mexican traditions, seafood tacos are meant to be eaten at lunch, while antojitos are to be eaten at dinner time.” The word “taco” is translated as “light lunch,” which is quite ironic when you consider the fact that people like to fill their tacos with all kinds of different things. Some of these different things include pork, chicken, beef, fried grasshoppers, and different salad toppings such as lettuce, shredded cheese, and tomatoes. Another interesting fact about tacos is that they have their own tv show on Netflix called Taco Chronicles.

To finalize, tacos have been around for hundreds of years, and thousands of people will enjoy eating tacos.

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