Amazon Addict

By: Mallory Timbrook

I’m unsure if an “Amazon Addict” support group exists, but I need one. I treat my Amazon app like a form of social media. It is definitely not healthy, but there are worse things. As I was browsing Amazon this week looking for clothes, kitchen items, and skincare products I didn’t need, a thought popped into my head. 

“Mal, do you remember when you saw that snail mucin skincare serum a million years ago on TikTok? You should 100% spend all your money and buy it!”

Surprise, surprise, I bought it. Thankfully, I did not spend all my money; the serum cost less than $16. My package arrived two days later; thank you Prime shipping. The second Alexa announced my package had arrived I sprinted upstairs faster than Usain Bolt. I ripped open the package like a five-year-old on Christmas Day, then ran to the bathroom to wash my face (a clean face is a necessity when testing any skincare product). Once my face was clean, it was time to try. 

The first thing I noticed was how sturdy the bottle was. Usually, skincare bottles in the less than $20 price range are fragile and super sketchy, but not this one. The next thing I noticed was the words on the bottle being in Korean, but I had prepared for this and did some pre-testing Googling to read the instructions. Now that I was informed, I ripped off the lid and pumped the serum onto my palm. I was not a fan of the nozzle on the pump. It was too short, and I had difficulty making sure the product landed on my hand and not down the side of the bottle. Once I finally had enough product on my palm (around four pumps), it was time to Rock n’ Roll. I liked how easily the serum applied to my entire face. Sometimes, with a thicker serum, the product pills on the skin and doesn’t sink in very well. This was not the case with the Snail Mucin. Once my face and neck were evenly covered, I applied my usual moisturizer and went to bed. The following morning, when I looked at my skin, I could already see how much of a difference the serum made. My skin was glowy, smooth, and hydrated. I looked like I had slept for more than five hours (thank God). For my fellow dry-skin peeps, I recommend 11/10. The description for the product says the serum can help with acne, fine lines, and dehydrated skin. I most definitely agree. The COSRX Snail Mucin Essence is worth a try for anyone, regardless of age. The results are noticeable and impressive after only one night. Give it a shot.

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