Book Review: We Used to Live Here

By: Hanna Young

We Used to Live Here, by UK #1 Best Selling Kindle Author Daniel Hurst kept me on my toes the whole book. This book was set in the UK. The family in this book just moved into a new home, that they were planning to remodel.

The Burgess family moves into a bigger, outdated home which they had decided they were going to remodel, but when Stephanie finds something behind the wallpaper in one of the rooms she starts to wonder about it. Then a couple that had previously owned the house stopped by unannounced one day and asked if they could take a walk around the house and take a trip down memory lane. Once they leave, the Burgess family finds out some very interesting information and Stephanie launches herself into her own investigation of the house. A hidden wall with troubling messages only adds fuel to the fire and she continues to search for answers to what seems to be a very troubling past. All of the evidence that she has compiled leads her to the worrying discovery that it could be linked to a crime from the past that is still unsolved. 

This book starts off a little slow in my opinion, but the ending is worth it. I am still reeling over what happened at the end of the book. I really enjoyed this book and the major plot twist that was found at the end. I do believe that there almost needs to be a second book to elaborate a little more on the ending of the book.

Overall, I give this book a 4/5. I can not get over the ending, but the slow beginning kind of knocked the rating. I really did enjoy the book though.

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